This Week In News 3/6/2017

While we wait for the inevitable announcement of the new Tool album or the next project Steve Wilson has cooking up, we have to whet our appetite on the outpouring of some perhaps less earth-shattering news. Continuing the avalanche of incredible European tour announcements, this week brings another set of dates you’ll want to pencil in on your wall calendar – people still use those right? We also have a ton of reviews and exclusive interviews to keep you busy while you scroll through, whether your at your desk or on that porcelain throne of yours, so let’s get to it.

News From The Road

August 17th to 19th – those are dates you’ll want to keep free if you’re even remotely a fan or prog or post-rock. Annual UK music festival ArcTanGent has added a massive 38 bands to their roster, including prolific acts like Explosions In The Sky, Converge, TesseracT, Sikth, God is an Austronaut, and many more. Tickets are limited to a modest 5000, so it would be best to pick them up sooner rather than later.

If you happen to be busy on those dates or unfortunately can’t grab any tickets, you can still enjoy some great music this summer. The Faceless will be returning to European shores after several years away this July, with Humanity’s Last Breath and Ghost Iris in tow. While She Sleeps will be coming a littler earlier this June, supported by Novelists and Northlane. As for American fans, Ghost Bath and Astronoid will be coming to the east coast in a few weeks time [read: April].

New Singles and Forthcoming Albums

On the topic of Ghost Bath, along with a tour announcement they unveiled a new single, “Thrones”. The song comes off their forthcoming album, Starmourner, which will be available this April. In a similar vein, post-black metal outfit Heretoir released a video for “Golden Dust” while announcing a release date for their new album, The Circle, due out on March 24th. Finally, in a surprise release, we have the new Junius album that was dropped late last week. March 3rd saw Eternal Rituals For The Accretion Of Light come to light, and a video for the song “A Mass For Metaphysicians” with it. In other video releases, we have the first new material from The Kindred since 2014, and a guitar playthrough for Haken’s “1985”.

The Week In Reviews

This was a dense week for reviews, with a wide array of musical styles being discussed. For those here strictly for the heavier side of music, we have a handful of noteworthy albums on the docket: Within the Ruins brought the grooves and guitar work with their album Halfway Human; Look at Yourself by Emmure was an aggressive release, with a touch of nu-metal flare added in; black metal act Au Champs Des Morts had a consistently heavy atmosphere in Dans La Joie, and Hark poured the sludge on thick with their return in Machinations.

But maybe you’re looking for something a little different, a break from all the screaming and adrenaline. For those who have Junius’ new album currently on repeat, you can look forward to the new instrumental work from sleepmakeswaves, Made of Breath Only. Lovers of technical virtuosity will be satisfied with the excellent The Further Side by Nova Collective. Finally, if you really want something different, we have some synth R&B with Homeshake’s Fresh Air.

As Seen On ItDjents

Those looking to get into the minds of the musicians they enjoy have two chances this week with a pair of exclusive interviews. First up is Ondrej Tvarozek, Aaron Gage, and Jens Marcelis of Lithium Dawn. Here, they discuss their work on Tearing Back The Veil Part 2, and the changes the band has made since Part 1. To follow that up, we have the lead singer an keyboard player of Leprous, Einar Solberg, as his band make a breif stop in Germany. Topics include his favourite song to play live, what inspires him as a musician, and where he thinks the future of prog is going.

If you’re looking for some new music that you might have missed out on, What’s the sound of… February gives you a host of unique music to add to your current playlist. Finally, the featured artist for this week was Gaia. Formed in 2015, the six-piece from Hartford, Connecticut brings plenty of djent-y grooves and easily digestible chorus’.

Which news or release has you the most excited this week? Planning to see any of the recently announced festivals this summer? Let us know in the comments below, and for more news on all things metal/prog, keep an eye on ItDjents or simply follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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