This Week in News 4/3/2017 – New Anathema, SikTh, BTBAM To Return to Studio, Northlane Interview

This week was certainly less exciting than the last, with a distinct lack of a surprise release or monumental announcements, but we still have a few noteworthy things to keep you busy. Most prominent of the bunch are a handful of album announcements and details being released. Along with a title, The Future In Whose Eyes?, djent pioneers SikTh announced a June 2nd date for their new album. You can also look forward to the new The Acacia StrainGravebloom, a few weeks later on June 30th. For those too impatient to wait, we have the newest Shadow Of Intent album, Reclaimer, coming in three weeks on April 24th. After last week’s teaser, progressive act Anathema have announced a European tour slated for this fall. In surprising news, Guelph natives Mandroid Echostar took home best metal album at the Canadian Juno awards, despite some stiff competition from the Devon Townsend Project and Protest the Hero. Finally, it seems as if Between the Buried and Me will be continuing their momentum by entering the studio this August, with plans for a new record next year.

Weekly Playlist

While there’s a good chance you still have Emperor of Sand sitting on repeat, we have a few tracks for you if you feel like giving Mastodon‘s new epic a bit of a break. To coincide with many of the album announcements above, we were given a taste of what to expect with a slew of new singles: SikTh released a lyric video for the energetic “Vivid“; Shadows of Intent bring the aggression with “The Horror Within“; The Acacia Strain gives us a “Bitter Pill” to swallow; and Anathema takes us to “Springfield“. Moreover, those excited by the news of a John Frum album a few weeks back might be excited to hear their new single, “Memory Palace“. If you’re a fan of guitar playthroughs, we have two for you today in Emperor‘s “The Loss And Curse Of Reverence” and A Sense of Gravity‘s “Manic Void“. Can’t get enough Plini? Then enjoy this live performance of “Handmade Cities” featuring John Waugh of The 1975, and all its sexy saxophone. Lastly, the first of April graced us with perhaps the most djent of all tracks.

Review Corner

22You Are Creating: Limb1 (8/10): “Overall, if you want to hear something that is engaging and completely original, [this album] is what you should be checking out. While the listener may not feel that the music is their own as the band intends, the album’s energy is definitely bound to rub off.

Outrun The SunlightRed Bird (6/10): “If you’re a fan of instrumental metal and have exhausted your supply of new music, then Red Bird might be worth your time. But everyone else, you’re better off listening to Terrapin.”

Endon Through The Mirror (10/10): “To say that I enjoyed Through The Mirror would be a lie. I utterly adored this record. If you’re into noisy, sludgy black metal, then this is a record you will devour and love.”

LoatheThe Cold Sun (8/10): “If you wisely dismiss genre classifications, The Cold Sun is an impressive record that pushes heavy music in new directions without sacrificing any elements that make it enjoyable.”

Toby Driver  Madonnawhore (8/10): “As an artist, [he] has delved into regions far and wide: metal, noise, jazz, chamber music and, on Madonnawhore, minimalism. In all of his work, he has shown both originality and the capacity to challenge listeners and expand minds, this album being no exception.”

As Seen On ItDjents

This relatively quiet week has graced us a with two exclusive single premiers and a surprise interview. Italian quintet Prospective shared their new song, “Watershaped”, in a well edited performance video. This is a great track for anyone looking for metal with some good melodies and interesting guitar work. In a similar vein, we have Cleveland based Helicase returning for a second single with “Masquerade“. Furthermore, hot off the heels of their surprise release and tour announcement, Northlane guitarist and founding member Josh Smith gave us some of his time to discuss the difficulties of keeping the record a secret.

Question of the Week: “Which album did you expect to hate that you ended up falling in love with?“, and for more news on all things metal/prog, keep an eye on It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter.

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