This Week In News 6/19/2017 – New Leprous, The Arusha Accord, Caligula’s Horse Album Teaser

This week has been particularly good for album announcements, with a few noteworthy tour reveals as well. The Australian-based Caligula’s Horse (aka. Caligula’s Hourse) teased their fourth full length album, In Contact, setting a release date for September 15th – you can doubtlessly expect a new single sooner, rather than later. Just two weeks earlier will bring us the new Septicflesh, Codex Omega, and you can check out their first single in the weekly playlist below. If you need a bit more death metal in your life, Aborted will be dropping a digital only EP, Bathos, on July 7th. Furthermore, there might be no set date yet, but it looks like Ihsahn is currently gearing up to release a follow up to last year’s Arktis sometime soon.

Italian metal fans should take note as the full line-up for Milan’s Dissonance Festival has been revealed, with The HAARP Machine, Northlane, Oceans Ate Alaska, Here Comes The Kraken, and many more filling out the top of the docket. If you can’t make it out to Milan to see Northlane, you might want to grab tickets to this year’s Tech-Fest, as they will be the secret headliner for Sunday’s stage. Finally, Mastodon isn’t ready to rest yet, having added a bunch of new shows to their North American and UK tours, extending into late October. In leftover news: Devin Townsend and Steve Vai will share the stage again for one song; Austin CarlIle, whom had to leave Of Mice and Men due to his health, has been airlifted to a hospital due to further complications; and in a strange turn of events, Gene Simmons is attempting to trademark the ‘devil horns’ gesture, which has led to some hilarious banter and some understandable backlash.

Weekly Playlist

Review Corner

Elder Reflections Of A Floating World (9/10): “To sum it all up, [this album] sees [the band] playing their absolute A-game. Every spin of the record brings in something new for the listener. It’s exciting to see [them] continuing to evolve and grow in their sound, unafraid to stretch their sonic territory further. They are definitely one of the best stoner-prog band around, and in [this record] they have once again delivered a true masterpiece.”

The Lulls In Traffic Rabbit In The Snare (7.5/10): “…the eclectic style of electronica infused hip hop that [the band] composed on [this album] is something that really stands out. I do find most of the songs on this record to be unique and interesting enough to keep my attention. However, after a few listens, a couple of the songs don’t particularly hold up as well as others. I feel as though the record could have a bit more diversity.”

Ezerath Overture: The Heir Apparent (7.5/10): “Considering the breadth of instrumental diversity and impressive guitar playing present here, the young musician should be commended for handling all components of the album’s performance and production of his debut record himself. Though the artist can clearly handle creative control, I wonder if [he] might benefit from a wider array of support, specifically in the form of a more fearsome and versatile vocalist.”

Carach Angren Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten (7/10): “[They] are a distinct act, merging the self-serious genre of black metal with theatricality, spoken word parts and grandiose narratives; as such, a certain amount of charming cheesiness can be expected on [this album]. And although this might turn off some listeners, there is a great deal of diversity, dynamics and detail present on the record for those willing to move past the melodrama and dive into the music. The album drags a bit in the beginning, but it builds to an epic final third movement that is certainly worth the anticipation.”

Ghost Toast Out Of This World (8/10): “…even after a fairly long time with it, I still get a great amount of enjoyment getting lost in the various soundscapes and unique atmosphere of each song…This isn’t an album for those who prefer traditional structures or a heavier, more ‘metal’ sound, but if you enjoy progressive and instrumental music, this is something that you definitely shouldn’t pass up on.”

Tatran – No Sides (7/10): “The trio plays tight throughout the whole set, undoubtedly on the same page and wholly trusting each other; this makes it one of the most honest records I have listened to. However…I want music that I actively seek to listen to, and, being that it is a 30 minute jam session, [this album] doesn’t quite garner as high of a replay value as a planned out, composed album.”

As Seen On It Djents

We are back with two more exclusive interviews and a look at Ghost Bath live. We had the chance to sit down with the drummer for Uneven Structure on their tour with Twelve Foot Ninja to talk about their new album, and got to speak to Max Portnoy (the son of none other than the immensely talented Mike Portnoy) in a video interview on Next to None‘s run supporting Haken‘s 10th anniversary. You can also catch Rodney’s thoughts as King Apathy and Heretoir opened up for Ghost Bath in Elfer, Frankfurt.

Author’s Thoughts: I’m still awed at the fact that Gene Simmons had the tenacity to try and lay claim to such an iconic (and clearly not of his design) gesture within the metal community. Realistically, it’s probably more for publicity than anything, as Kiss‘s popularity is not quite at the levels it used to be. In new singles, I’ve actually been finding the new Leprous rather catchy and The Arusha Accord has a pretty interesting track too (though not fully up my alley). Also, don’t sleep on the new Elder record; it’s definitely something worth your time (as is our WFA this week: Others By No One). While you’re at it, the new Ghost Toast (which you can see my review of above), along with having a really fun band name to say, is a surprisingly varied and interesting instrumental album that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. My predictions for next week: A new Caligula’s Horse single and a The Contortionist tour reveal for winter.

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