This Week In News 7/17/2017 – Adrenaline Mob Bus Accident, Tesseract And Skyharbor New Project

This week we’re going to have another rapid fire check on all the happenings in the community. Let’s get started! Adrenaline Mob had a terrible bus accident in which the bassist did not survive, and the other members were notably injured; Fallujah have parted ways with their current vocalist; Save Us From The Archon will be touring America this August, and have dropped a single to celebrate; The UK and Ireland get ‘cooking‘ with a new Uneven Structure and Voyager tour this October; Circa Survive will be releasing a new album on September 22nd, titled The Amulet; Shining will be touring Europe in the fall; At the same time, sleepmakeswaves will also be touring the continent; Last but most definitely not least, writers from TesseracT and Skyharbor are joining forces to release under the moniker White Moth Black Butterfly once again.

Weekly Playlist

Review Corner

Emperor of MindResistance (7/10): “Resistance appeals to the progressive metal listener looking for music that explores the outer regions of chromatic riffs over open-string pedal tones…Considering how this record uses both new approaches and refined versions of old ones, it goes without saying that Emperor of Mind is a fine example of what ‘progressive’ metal is.”

KlabautamannSmaragd (9/10): “This record was the treasure chest in sunken ship for me. It does everything in its might to concoct an intricate, emotional experience for the listener. A record that feels personal and almost invites the listener to a conversation is a rare occurrence. While there are minor flaws like weak production in a few parts of the album, one can forgive [the band] pretty easily. For me, [this album] has created one of the best black metal records this year and it’s certain that I will put this as one of my AOTY’s.”

ExpulsionNightmare Future (7/10): “Grindcore sets few standards for itself, which makes reviewing releases from that genre not all that difficult. [This band] certainly created a great grindcore EP in Nightmare Future, so the only real criticism would be its length. Seven songs in 14 minutes is simply not enough of a good thing. As complete as this EP sounds, more ‘expulsions’ from this band’s grand grindcore bowels would have been better.”

EthosShade and Soil (9/10): “It may have taken Ethos five years to craft this fine work of art, but the wait has proven to be well worth it. With [this album], the band joins the ever-growing list of groups who are pushing the envelope and keeping the ball of musical innovation rolling.”

Sleep TokenTwo (8.5/10): “Where One’s production and approach was relatively minimalist and jarring, Two finds the group incorporating a wider variety of synths, percussion and vocal approaches into their sound, along with a smoother sense of transition. This augmentation benefits Two greatly, and the EP’s three tracks may be the most beautiful and entrancing songs I’ve heard this year.”

GnarwhalCrucial (7/10): “A lot of weird grooves and a happy-but-no-care-all attitude make Crucial the a perfect album for summer. There is just certain coolness to the rough, untamed atmosphere that make this record as unique sounding as it is.”

Enfold DarknessAdversary Omnipotent (8/10): “All in all, [this album] is a forceful, brilliant display of technical, over-the-top musicianship. Its precision, flare for the dramatic, and lack of mundane filler make for an incredibly fat, sixty-seven minute offering that should tickle extreme metal fancies of numerous colors. Where it falls short is certainly a sense of sterility, and perhaps even some lacking originality.”

Sky ArchitectNomad (9/10): “Between illustrious mania and intricate genius, this record is full of everything a prog snob could ask for. From polyrhythmic beats to rigorous attempts to sew funk, prog, metal, jazz and post-hardcore together, this is nearly the perfect example for all prog ever was. The only thing I could complain about is the weak production in some parts that just lets some instruments fall under the table completely.”

WintersunThe Forest Seasons (5/10): “While the fans are bound to rally in support of this record, and while many others may enjoy this new release through and through, this is not the Wintersun I was personally hoping for. The album does have brilliant moments where it shines bright, but overall it falls and crumbles through its playtime.”

As Seen On It Djents

Remember that band An Endless Sporadic from the old Guitar Hero games? The one you got after beating the main setlist? Well, they made a lot more music than that, and you can learn more in our newest edition of Spotlight. The heat beating also continues with Mirza and Andreas of Siamese talking about their best ‘summer songs’ in TSJ2. The guys from Dead Letter Circus gave us some of their time for an exclusive interview with Rodney. If you couldn’t make it to the Vans Warped Tour, check out Jake’s thoughts on Hundredth and Dance Gavin Dance here. Finally, we have one exclusive premiere to share in the form of The Luminary‘s “Isolated”.

Authors Thoughts: I’ll keep my thoughts rapid fire, like the news: White Moth Black Butterfly seems intriguing, and I hope it turns out good; The new Circa Survive video is pretty cool; The Adrenaline Mob news was incredibly surprising, and my condolences go out to their families; And I almost forgot An Endless Sporadic existed.

Question of the Week: ‘Have you ever been introduced to a band from a movie or video game?’ Stay tuned to It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more news on all things metal, prog, and more!

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