This Week In News 7/24/2017 – Reflecting On Blackjazz, The Arusha Accord Interview, Listener On Vinyl

This week we’ve got a handful of tours to lead us into the news. For the Americans out there, Wolves in the Throne Room will be going across the country with Pillorian this October. To the north, Anciients and Dead Quiet will be all over Canada this August. Across the pond we have Northlane with Erra, Invent, Animate and Ocean Grove making the rounds in Europe through November and December. Fans of Listener have more than just a new single to be excited over, they also announced a 7″ vinyl in limited quantities. Be sure to grab them while you can. Finally, the biggest news of the week has to be the passing of Linkin Park lead singer, Chester Bennington – he will not be forgotten, and our condolences go out to his loved ones in this trying time.

Weekly Playlist

Review Corner

Cigarettes After SexCigarettes After Sex (10/10): “…this record has its own special kind of evocativeness, providing an apt canvas for the painting brush of your mind with its lush, beautiful compositions. Forgive my gushy, pretentious lucubrations, but Cigarettes After Sex is by far the best album I’ve heard this year (and indeed in a while)…”

Scale The SummitIn A World Of Fear (6/10): “This album sits well in the [the band’s] catalog and definitely deserves a playthrough. Some songs are growers whilst others can be skipped and you still get a good feel for the approach. I commend the album length at 10 tracks and totaling around 40 minutes.”

The Sun Explodes We Are Of These Walls (8.5/10): “To put it simply: [this] is a very good album – riffs are well written, lots of different styles are combined to keep things interesting, and a certain level of intensity is present throughout to really drive things forward. Sure, there’s a few hiccups along the way, and the occasional riff which doesn’t have as much impact as I would like, but these issues don’t significantly harm an otherwise excellent release.”

Rings Of SaturnUltu Ulla (3/10): “The riffs are stripped-down chug-fests, but they overlay constant sweep arpeggios and guitar melodies. The vocals are 100% deep growls and pig squeals, but on {the album] they get buried in the mix so much that it is sometimes easy to forget which songs on it are instrumental or not.”

Arch EchoArch Echo (10/10): “[This band] is phenomenally serious and mature while preserving the fun and joy of progressive music that dares to explore the tangibly distant edge of persevering creativity. It is constantly surprising and satisfying…This album completely shreds, but does so with grace and always controls the emotional atmosphere for you to actually enjoy the scope of everything given to you on this masterwork.”

AnomalieMétropole (7/10): “There are two sides to [this album]. The full production, complex, and unthinkingly happy side, be warned, has no grit whatsoever, and nothing of the same feeling that djent, or, to be frank, a decent majority of progressive music, aims at. It’s technically complex but emotionally simplistic stuff.”

WintersunThe Forest Seasons (5/10): “Is The Forest Seasons just a block of ideas on the path to Time II? I certainly hope so, as it clearly is Wintersun‘s least creative output to date. It’s slightly generic, and one can think of multiple bands that could put out a similar record.”

As Seen On It Djents

The heat continues, we make an accord, and remember some jazzy blackness! The newest edition of A Scene In Retrospect is a unique one, tackling the ‘modern avant-garde metal landscape’ in Blackjazz by Shining. Be sure to check out Val’s, Dom’s, and Jake’s commentary on the album here. The Summer Jam also continues with John Galloway of Xehanort giving his summer albums to listen to, including some The Contortionist and Slice The Cake. To round things out, Pete sat down with The Arusha Accord and recorded an audio interview with the band to discuss the time away and their new material.

Authors Thoughts: The single itself is old, but the review is new, so I’m going to say this again: go listen to the single “Hip Dipper” by Arch Echo. I can’t say much in regard to the rest of the album (though our review was pretty positive), but this song is just great. It almost makes up for how lackluster Scale the Summit‘s new release ended up being. That sounds harsh; I just mean that it’s very standard fare for them, which is unfortunately not something you can get away with when there are so many instrumental prog bands currently active and working on creative things. Cigarettes After Sex, I feel the need to recommend that as well, for no other reason than people whose opinions on music I respect are praising it. This is the part where I should comment on the passing of Chester – I don’t feel like discussing my history with the band or posting links is appropriate for me personally. It’s terrible that someone felt bad enough that they felt suicide was the best option (as it is each and every time this happens). If you’re struggling, there are options for help out there. Use your local hotlines, talk to people, do whatever you need to get yourself out of that moment. Chester would be happy to know that he has impacted so many lives, so enjoy his music and extend a helping hand whenever you’re able to.

Question of the Week: ‘What music makes you feel better when you’re down?’ Stay tuned to It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more news on all things metal, prog, and more!

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