This Week In News 7/10/2017 – Top 25 of 2017 (So Far), In Motive Debut, Steven Wilson In Retrospect

We’ve become quite bottom-heavy this past week as far as content goes on the site; a plethora of music lists and a metric ton of reviews await below, but let’s get a few tidbits out of the way first. Guitarists Lee McKinney (Born Of Osiris) and Nick Rossi (ex-City In The Sea) have joined forces in a more catchy, clean vocal project by the name of In Motive. After the less than positive departure of bassist Brendan Brown, Ne Obliviscaris are now holding auditions for someone to play the role on their next album, which is nearly finished at this point. Moreover, the long-lost EP from metal giants Gojira lives, and they are still in talks regarding the release of the fabled Sea Shepherd. Now to the real meat of the week!

Weekly Playlist

Review Corner

Next To NonePhases (5/10): “[They] need to find their own voice and further develop the idiom of brutal heavy grooves mixed with prog-ish noodletry. They need to stay focused, avoid gimmicks, and something needs to be done about those vocals too.”

Lucius FoxCement Sun (8/10): “It’s not yet a finished product, but it’s certainly worth buying and enjoying….It’s the same kind of aural experience as listening to a small town band play in a cramped basement. But they’re the kind of local band you’ll go back to see again and again, persuaded each time that there’s something special about their rawness that anything other than untamed fuzz pedals, math-y trebles, and questionable production couldn’t replicate.”

ArcadeaArcadea (7.5/10): “Despite plumping for one formula and running with it, or the suspicions caused by seemingly jumping onto the bandwagon of ‘Stranger Things’ and Perturbator‘s popularity, [they] is not a novelty act. They show that with their musical talent and high production values, something of real value can be created in this style. Unfortunately, despite showing that it can be done, they haven’t quite fully created that something yet.”

AmplifierTrippin’ With Dr. Faustus (8.5/10): “It’s a really playful album, one to be enjoyed as an experience or as cracking background music. I’d like to hear more of the thundering groove from “Kosmos”, but that’s the metalhead within me screaming for attention.”

CurrentsThe Place I Feel Safest (6/10): “[this album] is meant to be an open, vulnerable, and genuine statement that uses intense, well-crafted music to match introspective lyrical topics. However, with somewhat sterile arrangements, overly produced vocals, and lines that do not capture the depth of the subjects of the songs, it was difficult for me to connect emotionally to the music on [the band’s] debut full-length.”

Hidden OrchestraDawn Chorus (6.5/10): “The hard-work given by [the band] in including these natural recordings is something to appreciate. Simply put, it’s an experimentally abstract album that binds together nature and music into a blissful listening experience.”

Ex EyeEx Eye (7.5/10): “It’s not easy to craft monumental, aching soundscapes like these. The grit and abrasion provides character and grates just enough before crossing over into full-on alienation. In the future, I would like to see a larger variety of sounds spread more evenly, but [it’s] is still a risk well worth taking. Consider this another notch on the belt of contemporary saxophone experimentation.”

The Acacia StrainGravebloom (7.5/10): “The solid hardcore foundation and use of droning elements set [the band] apart from those deathcore bands try to excuse themselves from that label by ‘being more metal than the others.’ [this album] is a disturbing work of misery.”

SiameseShameless (8.5/10): ” With a heavy sound, a more pop-influenced vocal performance and some electronic elements that suit the songs up in a radio-friendly outfit, [this album] delivers nine songs in 32 minutes that are pushing, energetic and truly fun to listen to.”

VolumesDifferent Animals (8/10): “With an attitude of mish-mashing similar to Dance Gavin Dance, Different Animals ranges from r’n’b over hip hop and straight-up radio pop to djenty metalcore grooves and heavy riffing, while delivering a vocal mix of both auto-tuned and properly sung clean vocals, shouts and rap! Let me tell you: It doesn’t cease to amaze at all, perfectly mixing things up and delivers a truly exciting experience.”

As Seen On It Djents

It’s hard to imagine that we’re already comfortably past the halfway point of 2017 and staring down the latter half of the year. By this point, we likely already have many of the albums that will appear on people’s year end AOTY lists. Last week we took a look at the 25 best record so far from the year, with a few surprises that you won’t want to miss. If you’ve been keeping good tabs over the last six months and want some more recent music, Inter digs into the music of June in the newest What’s The Sound Of…. The summer rays still getting you down? Let the Australian atmospheric metal project Aquilus show you their picks to best beat the heat with in our newest TSJ2. Looking a little farther back, the newest edition of A Scene In Retrospect looks at Steve Wilson‘s impressive solo album, The Raven That Refused To Sing. Finally, when you’re tired of all the new music, you can enjoy our most recent exclusive interview with Ryan Morgan from Misery Signals.

Authors Thoughts: We had quite a lot lists recommending music this week, perhaps too much to really dig into in a comprehensive way. I can’t say I’ve listened to them all, but I will say that Persefone, Igorrr, The Swan Thief, and Elder are all very much worth your time. As far as personal albums from the first half of the year go, I cycled through the new Mastodon, The Stranger, Versus The Ghost, and Unleash The Archers a fair bit. I was rather disappointed with Next to None‘s debut. There’s a lot of talent there, but derivative music and a less than appreciable vocal effort make it hard to get through. I did, however, enjoy the new reveal of In Motive. The two tracks were not particularly heavy, but they were fun and interesting. Here’s hoping for a more eventful week ahead of us!

Question of the Week: ‘What are your top albums from the first half of the year?’ Stay tuned to It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more news on all things metal, prog, and more!

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