This Week In News 8/28/2017 – New Archspire Record, VOLA Line-up Change, The Final ‘This Week In News’?

Before we get to the news from this week, we have an important notice about the This Week In News feature. This article will be going through a rather significant change in format – specifically we’re changing it from a light weekly piece to a monthly deep dive that will hopefully have more interesting content and a few surprises for you guys. You’ll likely see the first edition of this at the end of September (or potentially the beginning of October). Thank you for supporting the weekly as it’s been coming out, and I hope you all enjoy the new things that are coming here at It Djents. Back to the news!

Along with the slew of new videos and singles released this week, we have a few pieces of news for you to dig into. First up, Archspire will be dropping a new album sooner than you might expect, targeting Sept 22nd for the release of Relentless Mutation. Danish group VOLA have also announced the introduction of a new drummer to their line-up. Brendon Small sat down to discuss the transition away from Metalocalypse to Galaktikon. Finally, you might have caught a glimpse of the guys from Mastodon in last night’s Game of Thrones finale, but in case you missed it, here it is for you. On to those videos and singles!

Weekly Playlist

Review Corner

XanthochroidOf Erthe And Axen, Act I (8/10): “[This album] will be loved by anyone who likes their metal big and expressive. Purists and elitists will hate it through and through, and that is a shame, because bands like [this] help keep the genre’s standards high by showing what it can achieve.”

Abhorrent Decimation The Pardoner (9/10): “Every song is so solid and has so many things working together in such a good way that it’s honestly difficult to describe them in depth without droning on and on. I’ll keep things brief: If you have even a passing interest in death metal, then you need to listen to [this album].”

Portico Quartet Art In The Age Of Automation (9/10): “By combining digital composition/production and analogue instrumentation, [they] have made this album a bold exclamation of progress within the jazz movement of the 21st century, all while allowing the music itself to be as fluent, mellifluous, and as unobtrusive as it needs to be in order to fully unfurl itself before the listener’s ears.”

City Of The LostBeings Of Light (8.5/10): “With [this album], City of the Lost have created their largest and most profound record yet, while further proving you don’t need lyrics to send a positive message in music.”

White Moth Black ButterflyAtone (8.5/10): “Though the record is fairly constant, and sometimes repetitive, in terms of dynamics (you won’t find the same contrasts of light and heavy as in other Tompkins material), Atone is the most consistently beautiful album that I’ve heard this year. If you want to hear a familiar voice explore new territory alongside an exceptionally talented line-up, Atone delivers an album that is not only my favorite Tompkins release in several years, but is also a truly enjoyable experimental/art pop record.”

Faces Of Eve Faces Of Eve (4.5/10): “Back to the press release: it says Faces Of Eve is “unafraid at times to demonstrate a more pop and soul sound”, but this is simply not to be heard on this album…”

TurnoverGood Nature (8.5/10): “When all is said and done, [this album] is by no means a flawless release. It does not have quite as strong a sense of uniqueness and identity that [they] gave us with Peripheral Vision. However, just because they knocked it out of the park with their last effort doesn’t mean that Good Nature isn’t still a great album.”

As Seen On It Djents

This week we have a pair of premieres and a few more summer jams to throw your way. As A Conceit gave us a clean look at the impressive guitar work in their track “Hindered”, and the Danish group Unseen Faith help us tease their newest release with “Tree”. If you need more than just those two to get you through the week, then take some advice from Robert Edens of Native Construct, and check out his picks for the best music for summer. A new podcast episode should be up soon and an ASIR of a beloved modern prog rock masterpiece is right around the corner, so be sure to keep an eye out on the website!

Author’s Thoughts: I know that a few of the new singles are just videos for songs already heard, but having Mastodon, Caligula’s Horse, Novelist, The Contortionist, and even a beautiful new track from MYRKUR is a pretty great group of songs. The Mastodon video in particular is strange and weird and just fantastic. The MYRKUR single really makes me want to delve into her older stuff as well, it’s really interesting. I had to laugh when I saw the cameo last night, it just made the already good episode even better. We had a little snag on the release of the last podcast, but it should be up soon. It’s also a bit sad to move away from these weekly pieces, but I’m excited to start on what will be taking its place come soon. Thank you all again for coming here and reading our content, and stay awesome!

Question of the Week: ‘What’s your favourite source of music news outside the walls of It Djents?‘ Stay tuned to It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more news on all things metal, prog, and more!

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