The It Djents Podcast – 003│The Transition of It Djents

We are finally back with the It Djents Podcast to talk about all things music and site related! It’s been a few months, but we now have our feet under us and are working to make this a regular bi-weekly occurrence. To usher in this soft re-launch, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss the changes that have been happening on the site and within the djent music scene. To join us this time, we have our lead editor-in-chief, Landon; resident PR guru and self proclaimed music-snob, Inter; veteran writer and content creator, Pete; and yours truly, Tyler. Join us as we talk about the challenges faced with diversifying our focus, our favorite moments on the site, and a few fun stories along the way.

As we work to make this a consistent and quality part of the content that we provide here, we will doubtlessly make changes and have our fair share hiccups. We’d like to ask you – the listeners – to provide any feedback you have in regards to format, production, actual content, or anything else you can think of. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the ride; if all goes well, we will see you again in two weeks for another edition of the It Djents Podcast.

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