The It Djents Podcast – 014 | TesseracT – Sonder

TesseracT‘s fourth full-length, Sonder, and first in three years, arrived on April 20 with great anticipation both from us as staff and the community. Many of us wondered if the album would live up to the expectations set by earlier material, play things safe, or branch into new territory.

Before the album’s release, we had the chance to do a Roundtable Review with our staff writer Andrew, editor David, and editor-in-chief Landon. Now that you’ve all had a chance to check out Sonder and form your opinion, we thought that the three of us could get together again to spend some time talking in depth about TesseracT‘s history, and our thoughts on the new record. We all have unique opinions on the band, and different favorite albums by them, so it made for an interesting conversation. You can check out the resulting podcast below:

What do you think of Sonder? Feel free to let us know in the comments. If you haven’t listened to the record, you can purchase it here, and follow the band on Facebook.

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1 Comment

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