The It Djents Podcast – 012 | Album Of The Year

Welcome back to the It Djents Podcast! For the first episode of 2018 (and twelfth overall), we have chosen to discuss the topic ‘Album Of The Year”.

With we, I mean our own AOTY jury, consisting of Editor-in-Chief Landon, PR/social media manager Inter and yours truly. The three of us talked about the list of It Djents’ 33 favorite records of 2017, the way we came up with it, the challenges and upsides that come with such a task, and also (albeit briefly) about some rather prevalent picks found on other blogs’ and magazines’ year-end-lists. We didn’t go into detail for every single record on our list obviously, as that would’ve gone beyong the scope of our podcast format.

What are your thoughts on our AOTY list and the system we created to compose it? Did we leave out any of your favorite records? Let us know in the comments! Feel free to also leave feedback and suggestions for topics there, we always appreciate that.

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