EXPLORE: Aeons Of Corruption – “Unholy”

Deathcore has had its best days years ago, with bands like Suicide Silence, Despised Icon, Whitechapel et cetera exploding onto the metal scene. A lot of bands continued to develop the genre into a more modern version of itself, using some more technical and progressive aspects instead of only smashing breakdown after breakdown, interrupted only by moments of blast beats. Then there were Molotov Solution or Thy Art Is Murder, who made deathcore the new trendy thing again, and still there are a lot of little diamonds out there, only waiting to be discoverd.

For example, the Germany-based group Aeons Of Curruption, which self-released its new EP Unholy only two weeks ago. Starting with a Behemoth-esque death metal riff and heavy blast beats, one can truly imagine in which direction this EP is probably going; in fact, Unholy is a remarkably heavy piece of music that smashes hard right from the heavy-hitting intro song.

Aeons Of Corruption play modern deathcore that is heavy yet melodic and intersperse it with nice details like the piano section in “Rotten“, which underlines the dark and doomy mood of the song and creates a ‘spooky castle’ kind of vibe. While its basic construct is still very much deathcore, that little touch is exactly what makes the song stand out. Due to lack of diversity, most deathcore bands appear to be uninspired or flat-out boring, despite the fact that they act on a very high level. But instead, this band created a short EP which does not get boring at all. If Aeons Of Corruption keep on paying attention to the little details, they will be able to compose an interesting full-length for sure.

Within “Godeater“, singer Vincent Schmitz shows a lot of skill, busting out high screams in an insane speed over the equally high-speed instrumental. One might probably find parallels to bands like Aversions Crown, especially when it comes to breakdowns or the guitar playing in general. This isn’t a bad thing, though, since the EP features a matchingly mystic and depressing vibe throughout. Believe me, it will make you want to smash everything.

With the release of Unholy, Aeons Of Corruption have presented us with a decent slab of contemporary deathcore. A solid sound, little peculiarities and interesting songwriting create a good diversity, spread out over five songs able to blow one’s mind with heavy riffing and insane drums that use a lot of blast beats. Especially the use of synthesizers gives the music a more unique sound, a thing the band should try to keep up in the future and possibly try out some more orchestration to lift the songs to the next level. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of heavy deathcore that does not sound too similar to bands as Thy Art Is Murder or Suicide Silence, you should definitely give this EP a spin!

Score: 8.5/10

Notable Tracks: “Rotten”; “Godeater”

FFO: Aversions Crown, Lorna Shore, Behemoth

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