EXPLORE: Appli[c]ate – “Perception”

Appli[c]ate from Yaroslavl, Russia recently released three singles as one small EP entitled Perception on the bandcamp channel of Core To The Core.

The first song of this short EP is one of the heaviest tracks I have heard in a while. I really love how the band is working with some traditional Russian scales, as can be heard on the short clean part of “Consolidated”. The second song starts with an ERRA-like chorus, in contrast to the heaviness found on the first track. It almost feels like a whole different band, which does not mean that this song is bad, as it is just out of the ordinary.

The ending song of the EP, entitled “Consonance”, bring back the kind of heaviness that can be found on the opening track, and can truly smash. Though, it is not that consonant at all: A lot of dissonances and slides provide a feeling that reminds of chaotic, mathy metal bands such as Ion Dissonance or Frontierer. The fast-paced parts are far beyond creating a mass appeal, but they are catchy on some level, and fit very well into the basic concept that Appli[c]ate created in this short EP.

If you’re into a very heavy and crushing music, do not miss the out on giving these guys a proper chance.

Score: 8/10.

Notable Tracks: “Consonance,” “Consolidated.”

FFO: Ion Dissonance, ERRA, Frontierer.

Follow the band on Facebook & listen to Perception on Bandcamp.

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