EXPLORE: Loathe – “Prepare Consume Proceed”

The UK has provided us with yet another talented group. Introducing: Loathe, a band that recently released its first EP entitled Prepare Consume Proceed via Bandcamp on October 2nd.

The EP starts heavily with a very experimental approach, the kind that doesn’t give you a split second to breath. The first actual song, “Banshee,” is a very fast-paced track featuring some upbeat drums and Deathcore-like breakdowns, which reminded me a lot of of Structures‘ first album. Loathe tend to work a lot of doom-like ambiance and many time signature changes, such can be found on different songs throughout the album. After a short interlude, “In Death” starts with a memorable melody that’ll stick in your mind, then ramps up to a crushing breakdown and catchy clean part at the end of the song.

“Rest; in Silence” starts with some mysterious harmonies, but even the high amount of groove patterns can’t make this song stand out in any aspect. After another short ambient interlude, the last song entitled “Solace; In Soil” starts with a breakdown and some upbeat drums. All in all, this song is more into moving forward, and features some keen melodies over its breakdowns. Also, the clean vocals fit very well. Speaking of instrumentation, the drum work on this EP is very progressive and includes some time signature changes that work well. Also, the guitars sound skilled and the vocals provide a wide diversity. All things considered, this short EP is very coherent and catchy.

Despite the fact that Prepare Consume Proceed consists of only 4 proper tracks, and 3 interludes / intros that are used to create ambiance, it still seems like one small album, which perfectly combines the songs. While the intro is creating an interesting atmosphere, this song also knows how to groove. Also the red fathom won´t get lost and the flow between the songs stays.  The breaks overall are very groovy and bouncy. Loathe will probably trigger a lot of mosh pits during live performances, and will keep our heads bouncing while listening to this EP. If you are into Structures or Volumes (not including the pop singing), you should take a listen to Prepare Consume Proceed. And by the way: you might remember how these two bands were joking around about doing a project together called Vol/Tures. Well, if this ever happens, it would probably sound exactly like Loathe.

Score: 8/10.

Notable Tracks: “Banshee” , “Solace; in Soil.”

FFO: Structures, Volumes.

Follow the band on Facebook & listen to Prepare Consume Proceed on Bandcamp.

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