EXPLORE: Sonar – “Black Light”

Sonar is a Swiss quartet from Zurich, which released a new record entitled Black Light on the 16th of October. On the first view, it looks like this record is an EP, consisting only of six tracks, but if you take a closer look, you will realize that it reaches a total playtime of almost 50 minutes.

The record starts with a noisy intro that sounds like a horror film, followed by some solo guitar and the other instruments. The mood is interesting and one does not know what to expect. You can clearly feel your inner tension rising. I am not lying when I tell you that these first four minutes of “Enneagram” are creating more tension than some blockbusters on late night TV. It is probably hard to follow the structure of this song, if you are not used to polyrhythmic music. The most interesting thing is that they are not playing anything too complex, just simple grooves and riffs, but they work out to be extremely confusing and groovy, while still sounding very progressive.

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“Orbit 5.7” reminds me a lot of “Enneagram” and also deliver this mysterious mood. But all in all, this song is not that spectacular as the opening song. It just plays beside, and does not intrigue or stand out with anything else. “String Geometry” stands out with being more into a visible structure. The song has a good flow and some nice grooves combined with good melodies and interesting gambling.

The biggest problem with Black Light is that the songs are too similar to each other. Nothing new happens, and it gets kinda boring after a few songs. All in all, the songs do have a very common vibe that somehow reminds one of Karnivool or Steven Wilson. It is interesting, but the tension decreases after some time. Fans of minimalist music will definitely like what they hear and if you want to free your mind take a listen to Black Light.

Score: 6/10.

Notable Tracks: “Enneagram” , “String Geometry.”

FFO: Steven Wilson , Karnivool

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