REVIEW: Expulsion – “Nightmare Future”

Expulsion is a crust/grindcore supergroup, consisting of members of Repulsion, Exhumed, Phobia, and Gruesome. It is important not to mistaken the American grindcore Expulsion with the now-defunct Swedish death metal band by the same name.

Nightmare Future is seven songs long and, in true grindcore fashion, clocks in at only 14 minutes, making it an EP. Yet, it sounds oddly complete. These are 14 long minutes, and in a good way; complete songs that have somewhat of a groove to them in spite of the blast beats. Credit original Repulsion guitarist Matt Olivo for that one: His riffs were always considered classic, with Napalm Death and Entombed citing Repulsion as an influence. Expulsion should sound familiar, since much of all grindcore extended out of the same six-string-playing hands at one time or another.

We must note that Expulsion are more on the early crust punk side of grindcore rather than the death metal-tinged version most familiar to today’s audiences – think Extreme Noise Terror rather than Pig Destroyer. This gives Expulsion’s music the aforementioned ‘groovy’ quality, the subtle dynamics that invite fun, rhythmic headbanging.

Nightmare Future launches with the subtly titled “Total Human Genocide”, and things stay on that level for the next (and also, last) eleven minutes and 49 seconds of the EP. The title track is the “Stairway To Heaven” of this release, lasting an epic two and a half minutes. Other songs like “Mask Of Fear” and “Compulsions” hover at or under the 90 second mark. “Altar Of Slaughter” almost reaches two minutes. And in this lies the strength of bands like Expulsion: They can take a few simple riffs, play them with absolute and convincing aggression, and make them into memorable songs.



Grindcore sets few standards for itself, which makes reviewing releases from that genre not all that difficult. Expulsion certainly created a great grindcore EP in Nightmare Future, so the only real criticism would be its length. Seven songs in 14 minutes is simply not enough of a good thing. As complete as this EP sounds, more Expulsions from this band’s grand grindcore bowels would have been better.


Score: 7/10

Notable Tracks: “Altar Of Slaughter”; “Total Human Genocide”; “Nightmare Future”

FFO: Repulsion, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror

Expulsion’s Nightmare Future will be released by Relapse Records on July 14, 2017. Pre-order it from them or directly from Expulsion’s Bandcamp page.


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