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LIVE REVIEW: The Devin Townsend Project @ LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart

The Devin Townsend Project is currently touring with USA’s finest prog metal group Between The Buried And Me, as well as the Norwegian act Leprous. We got a chance to catch their show in Stuttgart at LKA Longhorn. The venue itself was initially pretty full but not completely sold out. The venue reached capacity by the time Leprous hit the stage.


The Norwegians once again showed how good their music is. With a very clear focus on their latest record The Congregation, the band only played “Foe” as an old song. To put a band like Leprous as an opener is, on one hand, disappointing because they truly have headlining potential. On the other hand, they had a full 35 minutes to play, which seems to be a pretty fair amount of time. Songs like “The Price” and “Rewind” gave the audience a doomy, progressive and groovy vibe. Einar Solberg showcased his incredible voice as he was backed by outstanding group of instrumentalists on stage. The band’s setlist found its emotional peak and ended with “Slave”. Depressive, hard-hitting and passionate, the song caught the recipients and Leprous left the stage after a truly impressing performance.


“Third Law”
“The Price”
“The Flood”



It is needless to say that Between The Buried And Me are one of the hottest prog metal outfits in the scene. After releasing Coma Ecliptic, the band went in a more prog rock direction and it showed in their set on this tour. Despite Between The Buried And Me‘s current direction, the band started with “Fossil Genera: A Feed From Cloud Mountain” and then transitioned into a mix of songs off Parallax II and Coma Ecliptic. Songs like “Lay Your Ghosts To Rest” or “The Coma Machine” were fan favorites of the night. The crowd seemed a little surprised by the lack of songs from the album Colors in their performance. Some fans might have missed the band’s magnificent “White Walls,” but, for BTBAM, no tour is like another. One of the highlights of this tour set was the ending with “Option Oblivion” followed by “Life In Velvet,” the closing tracks off of Coma Ecliptic. Between The Buried And Me performed professionally, with great sound, and a convincing setlist. They are a  band that never disappoints.


“Fossil Genera: A Feed From Cloud Mountain”
“The Coma Machine”
“Lay Your Ghosts To Rest”
“Option Oblivion”
“Life In Velvet”

DSC01776 DSC02098 DSC01975_1 DSC01896


Devin Townsend is a very big name within the prog metal scene. With his latest record, Transcendence, he once again showed what a gifted composer he is. Devin also has a lot of charisma. He instantly gained everyone’s attention once he hit the stage and asked the crowd to smile.

Overall, The Devin Townsend Project played a very well-matched mix of songs across his whole discography without an emphasized focus on Transcendence. Some might have hoped for Thomas Rogers (Between The Buried And Me) to jump in on “Planet Of The Apes” to do his guest spot, but, unfortunately, he didn’t. Songs like “Failure”, “Ziltoid Goes Home” and “Supercrush” gave the crowd what they wanted. Devin‘s comedic banter in between songs provided a humorous touch to the performance, especially when he grabbed his insanely big flying V 7 string for “Planet Of The Apes.”  The way he interacted with the crowd made the whole night entertaining, even for concert goers who aren’t fans of his music.

One might call Devin Townsend a musician, a genius, or simply an entertainer, but, honestly, he’s a metal icon. His backing band was tight and performed well while Devin provided the true entertainment. With a show that extended past the 90 minute mark, it seemed like he had zero intentions of stopping. Devin visibly had a lot of fun, which made it a truly satisfying to watch him perform on stage. If you ever get the chance to catch this tour then do not hesitate and get your tickets now!


“Where We Belong”
“Planet Of The Apes”
“Ziltoid Goes Home”
“March Of The Poozers”


“Let It Roll”

DSC02573 DSC02354 DSC02325 DSC02280DSC02872DSC02710

Photos Courtesy of Rodney Fuchs



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