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LIVE REVIEW: Jinjer, Tribulation, Wintersun, And Arch Enemy @ Schlachthof, Wiesbaden

It’s not exactly a secret, but we at It Djents are really into very different types of music. The line-up you see above has something to offer for everyone, which made it very attractive. I was glad enough to visit the tour’s stop in Wiesbaden on February 6th. The whole concert was close to being sold out, resulting in a very crowded place, as the Schlachthof in Wiesbaden has a pretty high capacity (over 2000 people can fit in there). Here are my thoughts on the concert:


Jinjer on stage. Photo taken and edited by Rodney Fuchs.



Jinjer is probably one of the most interesting acts around these days. Hailing from the Ukraine, the four-piece got to tour with Arch Enemy again, and the combination doesn’t fit only due to the fact that both bands are female-fronted. In fact, Jinjer‘s music makes for a nice introduction to this evening. With Tatiana Shmayluk, the band has a unique selling point, seeing that her vocal performance is simply astonishing and oustanding. Ranging

from deep growls to high screams, she also manages to sing in a jazzy manner, all while nailing all her notes. And with her being accompanied by three extremely talented musicians, Jinjer gave the audience half an hour of pure joy watching them perform. Especially bassist Eugene Kostyuk shows a lot of musicality in his finger-tapping style of bass-playing.

That being said, Jinjer really raised the bar very high very early on, performing quieter songs like “Pisces” but also heavy ones such as “Who Is Gonna Be The One”. The set probably found its highlight in their stellar single “I Speak Astronomy”, which combines their heavy aspects with a great melodic chord work. I don’t know how you feel about Jinjer, but their 2016 release King Of Everything is worth a spin (or two) for sure!



This was a weird experience! The band created their own stage art, while they themselves were painted somewhere in between traditional corpsepaint and some sort of dark metal fashion. And so was the music, metaphorically speaking. It ranged from traditional heavy metal to depressive-sounding dark rock tunes, while remaining quite driving throughout. Guitarist Jonathan Hultén created his very own style of artistic expression with Tribulation‘s music. Him dancing clasically with his guitar looked somewhat strange at first glance, but nevertheless it matched the music and lifted the band’s performance to a very authentic level. Although they didn’t interact much as a band, their performance was tight. Beside the dance extravaganza of Hultén, there was nothing outstanding about their set aside from the lighting and overall setting the stage was put into.

Tribulation just released their new record Down Below on January 26th. As our writer Ashley stated:

The post punk/ prog rock with death/black metal overcoat of Down Below is a blend which works really well. Those returning prog guitar leads and groovy gothic tempos have enough potency turn the whole concept of this album sideways, but in the best possible way. It all fits, seemingly with little effort into a neat ensemble, which renders Down Below a courageous and well measured delve into new territory.

Those new songs worked out great in the live setting! Make sure to read the full review by clicking here.



When entering the stage, the outfit from Finland managed to build on the mood set by the previous bands. They had smiles in their faces, welcoming their fans a very heartwarming way. The following hour was comrised of two songs off Wintersun, The Forest Seasons and Time I, respectively. Even though the band was only co-headlining, they have been welcomed as if they were the main act. The whole set was accompanied by someone filming, which became quite annoying after a while, but since it might possibly end up in some nice visuals, that shouldn’t be a problem at all.


Songs like “Sons Of Winter And Stars” managed to carry the visitors off into the mystic world that Wintersun create. Musically located somewhere between pagan elements and melodic death metal, the band performed within their ‘forest’. Adding their synthesizers and slightly progressive traits, their longer songs didn’t fall into endless repitition. And despite our writer Vidur mentioning The Forest Seasons as Wintersun‘s ‘least creative output to date‘ (read the review here), they sure convinced their fans! Some more diversity would have been great, but this performance was fun either way, as the band obviously connected well to the audience.

Arch Enemy


There’s no need to introduce you to Arch Enemy, as they developed into

Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy

being one of the hottest commodities in modern melodic death metal. Watching Jeff Loomis play is always a great experience, and Alissa White-Gluz also performs on a decent level, apart from the band being tight overall. Motörhead’s “Ace Of Spades” was played through the speakers before Arch Enemy entered the stage., and the set that followed was a vibrant mixture of old and new songs off their current record Will To Power. Possible highlights might differ within the audience, especially when it comes to age. For me, it was the older songs like “We Will Rise” or “My Apocalypse” that intrigued me most and were the most fun to experience live. Those older songs also seemed to click with the other fans more than their newer material. Anyway, the band closed their set with a short encore, delivering their well-known song “Nemesis” introduced by some guitar wankery.

In a nutshell, Arch Enemy brought exactly what the audience was there for: a decent performance of melodic metal music. It’s kind of sad to have in mind what Alissa is able to bring to the table clean vocal-wise, but that element simply don’t exist in Arch Enemy‘s music. Remedying this would surely lift their musical level to the next stage. But who knows, who knows…

All photos taken and edited by Rodney Fuchs.

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