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The call of Euroblast ‘s twelfth coming rang loud and clear ever since the first wave of bands was announced. In the following months, that call ultimately became irresistible; and so, once again, three valiant members of the It Djents team packed their bags and went to witness the European prog/tech scene’s second gathering of the year. From the warm-up party on Thursday to the ringing out of the last notes of the headliner show on Sunday, here are our peronal highlights of this year’s Euroblast Festival!



Fall Of Minerva

I was kind of disappointed by the sound at the Euroblast Warm-Up Party, but yeah, the Underground is known for that. I was even more surprised by the Italians of Fall Of Minerva, who really caught the whole It Djents crew with their raw energy, the dark, epic and haunting atmosphere and an amazing lightshow. They really manage their amazing Amia Venera Landscape-meets-Devil Sold His Soul sound on stage. Maybe the best show I’ve seen at the festival.


While I’m not a big fan of Shining’s material, I couldn’t help but to enjoy every second of their live show. Led by charismatic fronter Jørgen Munkeby, they destroyed the main stage and left a stunned crowd.

Obsidian Kingdom

One of my most anticipated shows at the festival (because Obsidian Kingdom’s last record “A Year With No Summer” is one of my favorites in 2016), and they didn’t let me down. Such a great performance, really intense.

Cold Night For Alligators

The heavy parts were heavier, the soft parts softer. It Djents loves Cold Night For Alligators.


I only managed to see only three or four songs, but I heard the rest of their set from outside. I didn’t need another prove that Intronaut is one of the best and most important current metal bands, but the band gave that proof to the crowd nonetheless.

Ne Obliviscaris

I was so damn excited about their set and it was such a sastifying expericence. NeO‘s sheer professionalism, tightness and joy of playing was infectious and I wanted more as soon as the last note faded.

Black Crown Initiate

“I wish for the great mistake, to carry us away”

I really love Black Crown Initiate. I really really do.


This band is just massive, heavily based on Tatiana Shmailyuk’s amazing vocal skills and intense stage presence.


Rodney Fuchs

Fall Of Minerva

Their new record Portraits blew me a away. Live they did as well, with their emotionally filled mix of post-hardcore and mathcore that has some old Architects vibes!

Cold Night For Alligators

It was so much fun to watch these guys play, also their latest record is simply amazing! Glad they performed in front of an insane crowd on the second stage!

Dead Letter Circus

I am a huge fan of their self-titled debut and finally got to see them live! Even if I do not like their newest output that much, it was catchy and convincing.

Ne Obliviscaris

When Citadel came out, it was one of my favourite records. I love how they mix proggy death metal with post rock and the use of the violin. Pure joy watching these guys for the very first time!

Veil Of Maya

Actually they did more sports than actually playing music, but this show was still insane. Groovy, bouncy and also catchy. Lukas Magyar is truly the best singer that could have happened to join these guys!

No Consequence

It almost feels as they would be part of the festival, what they actually are each year, these guys are having so much fun on and off the stage. Unfortunately they did not play that much off IO, which I prefer!

Humanity’s Last Breath

I was not that excited for their performance, but what I’ve seen changed my thoughts. This was heavy, dark and made me wanna see these guys again very soon! Can’t wait for more of their music.

Born Of Osiris

Being a fan of BOO for years made it easy to nail this down as one of my highlights. They performed well and found a good mix of new and old songs, always enjoyable. As long as they are not drunk, that is, haha!


Dominik Böhmer

Fall of Minerva

I don’t have anything to add concerning their set, for Inter and Rodney have already said everything there is to be said about Fall of Minerva’s amazing set at the warm-up party.

Deadly Circus Fire

Although I only got a chance to catch three songs or so of their show (the sound on the side stage actually physically hurt at that point), they delivered a great performance, even without a vocalist. It was obvious that they wanted nothing more than to play, and their great mood radiated onto the crowd.


Massive. Just massive. Intronaut are a fantastic band, both on record and on stage, and together with the abnormally awesome light show, they were a sight to behold. One of the three best shows of the weekend, in my opinion.

Sithu Aye

It only speaks for a musician when his fans cheer even when he flubs a song. For me, Sithu’s set was a nice change of pace, as I was mostly sitting at the side, letting his lush compositions wash over me. Afterwards, my body was rested and my spirits lifted, and when I met Sithu later on, it turned out he’s just as sweet and gentle in person as his music is.


Believe me or not, when watching Shining perform, I was nearly crying out of sheer happiness. Their energetic stage presence, charisma and enthusiasm added so much to their songs, it’s no wonder the audience went absolutely crazy for them.

Dead Letter Circus

C’mon, it’s Dead Letter Circus, what did you expect? There’s no resisting those guys. As soon as “Cage” came on, I was hopelessly lost.

Black Crown Initiate

Before their set on Saturday, Black Crown Initiate were moved to the mainstage as Heart of a Coward dropped out of the festival earlier that day. At soundcheck, the five guys looked tired, stressed and somewhat indisposed, but when they started playing, all of that was gone and the band exploded unto the Essigfabrik. And honestly, they were one of the few bands that actually got me headbanging that weekend.

Ne Obliviscaris

What Inter said, basically. NeO were unreal. Go see them live.


Thank you very much for scrolling through! We really enjoyed this year’s Euroblast, making new friends and meeting old ones, watching the bands play, networking, interviewing and generally having a great time. So hopefully you were either there to witness it first-hand or we were now able to give you a good, hard look at what you’ve missed. You can also find more pictures we took at the festival here, here and here.

Anyway, we hope to see you all next year for another edition of Euroblast! Make sure to follow the festival’s Facebook page so you don’t miss the new announcements and other news!



  1. Jøel Pinder

    1 November, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    Tour with Amia Venera Landscape!!!

  2. It Djents

    1 November, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    We enjoyed every singly second in the first row! Can’t wait to catch you again on stage!

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