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LIVE REVIEW: Betraying The Martyrs @ Schlachthof, Wiesbaden

I had the chance to catch Betraying The Martyrs on their current run with Modern Day Babylon and From Sorrow To Serenity. Due to the facts that the show had an unusual packaging and that it was on a Tuesday, it wasn’t as crowded as expected. Before the show I had the chance to talk with Aaron Matts, you can find the interview here. Anyway, the show was a nice and comfy experience, which I will go into detail about in the following!


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From Sorrow To Serenity

I didn’t know that much about this band, only that our friends in Long Branch Records recently signed them and that they were going to open this gig. A mixture of chuggy progressive metalcore was delivered by the Scotland-based four-piece. With watching the band’s set it was visible that their focus was more focused on performing, which they did! Especially their singer and their bassist did a very good job at delivering the music to the crowd. While having only one guitarist a lot of additionals was sampled through the computer, which lead to some technical difficulties and a short break, in which the band tried to improvise.  A slightly lack of diversity and some unclean double bass drumming made this show an ok, but not outstanding performance. Anyway the grooves and riffs by From Sorrow To Serenity do work. Looking at the band’s future there will be more to come.

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Modern Day Babylon

It was Boris LeGal (drummer of Betraying The Martyrs) who decided to bring them with on this tour, hence the fact that the trio from the Czech Republic are purely instrumental might have been quite unexpected for non-familiar visitors. Their set stood out through a brilliant performance on drums that was dynamic, powerful and groovy all the way through. Combined with the virtuoso bass and guitar playing, it made the trio an interesting and bouncy act. The people may have had their problems with digesting an instrumental prog metal band; the grooves definitely made their way into the people’s heads nonetheless. Speaking of performance, the trio could’ve done a little more, even though they (understandably) focused on playing and staying tight. Anyway, they played a good show, but they kinda felt misplaced in the line-up only due to the fact that they are an instrumental band.

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Betraying The Martyrs

The room was filled by now, and it became clear that most of the people were there to watch Betraying The Martyrs. Over the next hour, the Paris-based band performed a good mixture of old and new songs, having songs like “Man Made Disaster” or “The Resilient” stand out as highlights. Both singers, Aaron and Victor, made the crowd go crazy and were able to split the whole audience for a wall of death, multiple circle pits and even a short tour on a fan’s shoulders for Aaron Matts.

Having Steeves from Uneven Structure as a fill-in guitarist, Betraying The Martyrs did a very professional set that was top-notch when it comes to tightness and performance. In comparison to the opening bands, the individual level of the musicians as well as their overall experience became clear; especially Boris LeGal didn’t miss any note at all!

The overall interaction of the band (and especially singer Aaron Matts) made this performance a very fun one. After 13 songs the band came onto the stage again to perform their encore “The Great Disillusion”. Although the concert wasn’t the best-visited, every single person got covered with a good and diverse show. Anyway, the supports didn’t gel that well and could’ve been selected a bit better.

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Photo credit: Rodney Fuchs

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