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LIVE REVIEW: Haken 10 Year Anniversary Show

I recently attended Haken‘s 10 Year Anniversary tour at Schlachthof, Wiesbaden in Germany! And damn, that was an evening! Besides interviewing all the bands (make sure to watch our page the next days), their performances were overwhelmingly impressive! Read more about each band’s performance:

Next To None:

Next To None might be best known for being the project of Max Portnoy, legendary drummer Mike Portnoy’s son. The outfit, ranging in an age from 18 to 21 years old, still look, and sound, very young when it comes to songwriting, stage presence, and performance. However, this is to be expected, especially when compared to Haken, who have been touring for ten years now. Nonetheless, the set itself was decent. The two vocalists were especially on point, and they delivered a cool, ambient counterpoint to the slightly prog/nu metal-ish songs. Announcing their new record to come out this summer, the band teased a new song (“Alone“) that definitely had some Dream Theater vibes. While Max Portnoy was focusing on performing a lot and headbanging throughout, there were some nice and progressive twists that might give this young band a good and promising future. Let’s see what comes next!


1. Control
2. You Are Not Me
3. Alone
4. Blood On My Hands

The Algorithm:

French electronic/metal artist The Algorithm definitely stepped up their game by being way more focused on synths. Further, the bass was delivered with a sound that you could feel as much as hear. The duo performed on a very professional level. Their sound is perfect whether you want to dance or mosh. The highlight was when Rémy grabbed his bass and chugged on the low string, vibrating the venue. Songs like “pointers”, the Born Of Osiris remix of “Machine”, or the closing track, “Access Granted”, definitely amazed the crowd. This was truly a fun show to watch. If you haven’t seen The Algorithm yet, you should go and grab your tickets. This is a different experience that somehow has a very inspiring, but also enchanting, vibe.


1. Floating Point
2. Pointers
3. Brute Force
4. Deadlock
5. Machine (Born Of Osiris cover/remix)
6. Access Granted



Haken‘s ten-year anniversary tour is something special that can satisfy each and every fan. We got literally a bit of every Haken full-length. Starting with Affinity‘s lead single, “Initiate”, the band took us on travel through time. Though the focus was on their latest record, there were still  The Mountain classics like “Atlas Stone” or the almighty “Cockroach King”. Another little highlight was “The Architect”; the singer of Next To None took over the part of Einar Solberg and actually really did a good job! But we also got some music from Aquarius, and guess what the closing track was? It was “Visions”, the almost 21 minute prog hammer, immediately after an interesting and mixed setlist. This might have been heaven for long time Haken fans, while for others it could’ve been a little bit too much, as they played a full 90 minutes. You could have watched a soccer game in that time. However, it wouldn’t have been as interesting as Haken was on stage, whether it was their keyboardist Diego playing the keytar on “1985″ while Ross grabbed some retro sunglasses, or the overall fun that was seen in the eyes of the musicians and the crowd. This was a truly amazing event and you should check the tour out if you have the opportunity! Haken are coming to tour on their 10 year anniversary in North America this summer. You really don’t want to miss this! Get your tickets!


1. Affinity.exe
2. Initiate
3. In Memoriam
4. 1985
5. Red Giant
6. Aquarius Medley
7. Atlas Stone
8. Cockroach King
9. The Architect
10. The Endless Knot
11. Visions

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