REVIEW: Body Void – “I Live Inside A Burning House”

I Live Inside A Burning House. No, you don’t need to call the fire department – my apartment is fine. However, this new record of that name by San Francisco doom outfit Body Void might tear my four walls down. I Live Inside A Burning House will come out on May 11 and it will hit the scene like a bulldozer made out of Nokia phones and Chuck Norris’ beard.

First, I have to mention that this album is heavy. Heaviness is, of course, subjective as some like faster music or slower music, but I can confidently say that this record is the heaviest I’ve heard in a long time. The pure, raw, almost primal evil that is inherent to the sound feels like it could literally set your house on fire. Thus the name, I’d guess.

Right from the first track, the band establishes their no-nonsense politic by throwing the musical equivalent of a sledgehammer at the listener. When the heavy, quite fuzzy palm muted power chord hits, it hits hard. The following drone underlines the crushing atmosphere. Speaking of which, atmosphere plays a big role on I Live Inside A Burning House. Through feedback, droning and just the right rhythm, Body Void conjures a bleak, almost nihilistic ambiance that could bear the slogan ‘who needs reverb or delay when you have distortion‘?

My favorite track of the record is “Phantom Limb”. It is one the more mid-tempo tracks on this LP and could also count powerviolence to its distant cousin. On this track, the drums keep rolling over the filthy sludge like a steam train, delivering the behemoth that are the guitars and bass to their destination (which is probably darkness itself). As always the unnaturally low guitar and bass seem to melt in front of the listener as the droning unfolds what is effectively the tenth circle of Dante’s hell. In the middle of the track we are greeted to some higher notes enveloped by feedback and noise like a child cradled in absurdity.

Another track I found very interesting was “Trauma Creature”, for the way they build this song up. You see, in “Trauma Creature” feedback is an individual instrument. This feeling often came up while listening to Body Void, yet it is most apparent here. The feedback is like a little demon trying to claw its way to the top of the perpetual darkness but every time it seems to have reached it, it gets taken back into the depths by the leviathanian guitar.

I Live Inside A Burning House is a work of art that I would almost call Lovecraftian. While walking a very thin rope that separates art from pure untainted madness. It’s so unbelievably heavy that the band name itself should create another synonym for ‘being so heavy that an average vocabulary isn’t able to describe the void inside‘. The only problem I had with Body Void is that the record can get a little overbearing at times and it feels like the band has the potential to deliver more than they show here. I hope to see an even more dynamic work from them in the future.


Score: 8.5/10

Notable Tracks: “Trauma Creature”; “Phantom Limb”

FFO: Dirt Forge, Disrotted

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