REVIEW: Conjurer – “Mire”

Imagine an album so thrashing and brutal it just makes you clench your fists in second-hand anger. You may have thought about a certain album reading this but believe me, you will only think of Conjurer‘s new album after reading this.

Mire is set to be released on the 9th of March. The band’s second full length seems to be the love child of Meshuggah and Behemoth, while bringing in a fresh hardcore spin. The song titles, such as the one of the song we will be looking at here, are mostly very short. This might be a good metaphor of the ‘take no prisoners’ approach the band conveys throughout the record.

„Choke“ is the first song off of Mire and it brings an almost feral feel with it. It brings unfiltered and pure anger. Flying dissonances, crushing chugs and deep growls is the way the band decided to start off the record and it works perfectly. You could easily think of Mire as a doom record based on the beginning of this track, but don’t be deceived by the low chugging and rides hissing in the background. After a short fill, the band goes into frenzy with upbeat rhythms, before restructuring into a hard hitting groove, with strings so low it would make Frederik Thordendal proud, and dissonances so nasty it would make him even prouder.

The song gets progressively faster as it goes, and with the tempo comes the complexity. Simple dissonances have evolved into disharmonic runs. A sudden short break gives the listener time to take a deep breath before diving into what might be the most unforgivable brutal breakdown of 2018. Just for good measure: the band heavily shows off their black metal influence by going into a full blown blast beat section. And thus, the song ends, leaving everyone hungry for more.

The following track, “Hollow”, shows a different side of the band. A clean passage breaks off the heavily distorted intro. Coming back from the deep, dark and gulping black the band has shown off in “Choke”, “Hollow” also brings a simple, yet beautiful lead over the usually so unmelodic atmosphere of Conjurer. This melancholic section generates a true feeling of hope within the overall bleak sensation of the album, which is so important for the rest of Mire. The record progresses in kind of a cross rhyme, were a more melodic piece follows a straighter blackened hardcore one.

Conjurer stays true to their name and conjures a bleak, crushing and voided record. Starting off 2018 with what probably will be considered as one of the strongest releases of the upcoming year, Mire is an album that shows how to bring excellent music in a year were you might think everything has been done already. It’s astounding how willing I am to set this record on my AOTY already. The production is rich and full, everything is clear and the harmonics pop out nicely. Kudos to the band for releasing a record that blends modern and traditional influences so well. I am eagerly awaiting what the band has planned for the future.


Score: 9.0 / 10

Notable Tracks: “Choke”, “Hollow”, “Hadal”

FFO: OHHMS, The Lion’s Daughter

You can follow Conjurer on Bandcamp as well as on Facebook.

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