REVIEW: Filthy Young Impalers – “Pattern Blue”

Filthy Young Impalers. Of course, I could come up with an anecdote or something similar, but this doesn’t feel fitting for this band. Blessed with something that is missing from a lot of modern tech death, Filthy Young Impalers shine with energy, authenticity and songwriting for the sake of self-realization rather than being another technically proficient band of robots.

Their album Pattern Blue came out on the thirteenth of January. The first song off the record, “Paradox Lost”, already shows ideas and concepts that might evolve with time and future releases. Starting off with arpeggiated chords and seamlessly flowing into a staccato riffing, the listener gets a no nonsense feeling. There are no big, shining stereotypes thrown around; everything’s exactly as it’s supposed to be. The first solo in the track hits us at halfway point and makes for quite the ear catcher, but the band is also concerned with pacing, keeping the lead short so that it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Small elements of electronica also flit abou the track. If they continue down this unique path, Filthy Young Impalers could grow to be quite the innovators. To finish the track off properly, we are introduced to a reverb loaded solo that lends a more open feel to the track and ends on a high note (no pun intended).

The band plays with typical death metal aesthetics and scales but add layers upon layers to their songwriting. Fast riffs with recurring themes speak more of a pragmatic approach, compared to other bands of the genre. If the band sticks with a melody, it’s sure to be catchy. This point is also well illustrated in “Katsuragi Syndrome”, the second track off of Pattern Blue. The intro melody gets reused throughout the song while not giving off any feeling of regression. Thanks to the progression of the vocals and the impervious rhythm guitar work on the album, those recurring melodies can breathe and use their magic to bind the listener to these tracks.

I definitely have to put an emphasis on rhythm here,as Pattern Blue is a consistently groovy tech death record. The riffs have this jumpy feel and steady, bouncy drums deliver a natural, swinging feel that is rare in the genre.

Filthy Young Impalers have crafted an enormous, energetic experience that will satisfy the listener and neither lets him stay hungry on some elements or oversaturated after being done. Playing with death metal tropes in a way that doesn’t encourage stereotyping and immediate comparisons to other, bigger bands in the genre is definitely a success. Though, I wish for them to flash out the experimental parts a bit more in the future and ditch some of the repetition, I still enjoy the authenticity and the obvious feeling of a band that can grow. The production is fine though a bit lackluster in terms of vocals. I hopefully will hear from the band in the future and am excited for any new material.


Score: 8.5 / 10

Notable Tracks:  “Paradox Lost”; “Katsuragi Syndrome”

FFO: Cognizance

You can follow Filthy Young Impalers on Bandcamp as well as on Facebook.

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