REVIEW: Fit For An Autopsy – “The Great Collapse”

When listening to a band like Fit For An Autopsy, one will quickly recognize why their very own Will Putney is known for his work as a producer with other bands: all songs on The Great Collapse are more than well-composed and -produced. After demonstrating their power with 2015’s Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell, the band has been a part of the Depression Sessions, a collaborative split release between The Acacia Strain, Thy Art Is Murder and themselves.


Fit For An Autopsy deliver very solid, diverse progressive deathcore. Their music is not really in need of utilizing any clean vocals, but they fit in perfectly nonetheless. The Great Collapse simply serves its purpose by being a very heavy yet melodic record. On one hand, it reminds me a little of what Thy Art Is Murder or bands like Molotov Solution already did in the past: outstanding, slightly progressive deathcore. But on the other, The Great Collapse is able to go beyond those comparisons and create its very own, unique spin on the genre. In not being limited to blastbeats or breakdowns, the band found a way to balance intriguing riffing with said aspects!

The song “Heads Will Hang“ comes with a very Gojira-esque attitude and carries itself with emotional clean singing and catchy, melodic guitar work; it’s fairly balanced and clearly structured. Death metal riffing and string scratches are creating this typical sound that, for obvious reasons, draws a parallel to the aforementioned French metal band. Especially the beginning is very reminiscent of “Only Pain“ off of last year’s Magma, and so are the clean vocals: slightly harsh and emotional, while not providing any pop vibes.

Not A Politically Charged Band

Will Putney reflects on the composition and lyricism on The Great Collapse:

‘When I write a song, I’m trying to feel emotionally connected to it. I really don’t like saying things that don’t matter over music that I want to matter, We’ve always addressed serious topics going back to our first album. We aren’t a politically charged band up on a podium yelling at people – anybody can relate to the aggression, anger, frustration, and sadness often communicated in our music. But we absolutely raise important questions in the lyrics. Those themes are there to discover.’

Songs like “Iron Moon” use shredding, as well as some guitar soloing somewhat comparable to Within The Ruins. This similarity is also to be found in the way the clean vocals work out on this record. If they even appear, like in “Heads Will Hang” for example, they sound organic and natural and don’t come across as forced. “Iron Moon” also delivers a more hardcore vibe regarding the style of vocals used. So there definitely is a ‘brutal’ aspect to this new Fit For An Autopsy record. Deep within the songs, the heavy extended-range guitars are putting an enormous pressure on the listener. This kind of musicis nothing for softhearted people, neither in style of music nor when it comes to mentality or, respectively, emotionality.

Ambiance Amidst The Heavyness

Fit For An Autopsy are not just playing deathcore, no. They go far beyond, as tracks like “Empty Still“ prove. Said song starts with clean guitars that take on the basic harmonic construct, while another guitar and the vocals come in later on. This way, the song builds up a very emotional and beautiful soundscape. One might, in a way, wait for the music to break free before the heavy guitars actually do come in. And Fit For An Autopsy won’t let you down in this regard! The song itself is more slow-paced, but also able to smash the ground with its heavy riffing! In fact, the slower tempo adds another dimension to the melodic and hard-hitting concept, as it feels way more heavy and encumbering, if not downright depressing that way.

And how does The Great Collapse end? Basically as one could expect! “Spiral” features tremolo-picked guitars over a nice clean-part, combined with groovy drums, before they start playing blastbeats again. A two-edged sword that oscillates between heaviness and soft, lovely passages. In the end, the clean guitar ambiance carries on before fading away; these closing moments are both emotional and powerful, but also a release for your feelings. But The Great Collapse doesn’t just simply fade away, it keeps the tension, similar to a movie with an open ending. One might start thinking about it, asking themselves what could be next, how the story will continue. The Great Collapse basically intends the same: it makes one curious for what’s to come!

As Will Putney states:

‘The Great Collapse is a reflection on the current chaotic state of mankind’s relationship with the world, and it’s effect both outward and inward. It’s a dark and unsettling record that encapsulates a variety of approaches to aggressive music, and a definite expansion of our capabilities as a band. It’s going to be the strongest record in our catalog. The overall mood and atmosphere of this album feels fully realized and emotionally stirring.’

In Conclusion

Fit For An Autopsy have never been and probably will never be another ‘breakdown after breakdown’ deathcore band; they are always open to different dimensions, different approaches. They have a soft, catchy side, but also a heavy and huge-sounding one. The puzzle of different parts matches up nicely and the overall product is convincing in more than one way. It’s safe to say that they managed to keep their level pretty high.

When trying to put Fit For An Autopsy into a genre, progressive deathcore might fit best, the reason being that they showed an ability to progress over the years. Away from the mainstream, standard deathcore composing, instead trying to be the heaviest shit on earth! The Great Collapse could be one of the best records within its genre that we get this year. So do yourself a favour and don’t sleep on this. You might regret it if you do…



Score: 8,5/10

Notable Tracks: “Heads Will Hang“ , “Iron Moon“ , “Empty Still“

FFO: Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy, Gojira, All Shall Perish

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