REVIEW: Gods Of Eden “From The End Of Heaven”

With no small amount of pleasure, I introduce you It Djents…ers to From The End of Heaven, the debut LP of Sydney’s speculative fiction-inspired, Gods of Eden. At 41 minutes, the freshman full-length just dropped this weekend, and has proven to be an expertly crafted piece of metal, worthy of the finest releases of 2015.

Let’s break this down.

Gods of Eden are one hell of a unique beast. They successfully blend some metalcore flavor into an at-times operatic and all-the-time melodic package. The guitar playing is flashy, yet inspired and not over-indulgent. The harsh vocals are of a pure metalcore style, while the cleans would sound appropriate in the more experimental power metal of yesteryear. And yet they often prove to be more interesting and catchier than both (the melodic vocal hook in “Shiva’s Dream” just won’t go away-pure brainworms!).

In execution, the songs have a grand atmosphere that is both aggressive and symphonic, while never venturing into a territory that is overly dissonant or daring. The end product is something that you can enjoy from beginning to end (the thing really never slows down over the course of 41 minutes), have on repeat all day, and never feel ashamed of as a musician or prog fanatic. It’s one of the few progressive releases out there that you really don’t need more than one or two listens to dissect.

The End of Heaven holds another pleasant surprise. A curious x-factor that tastefully and occasionally rears its head.  It can only be described as a subtle nostalgia-a sense of “did I hear this in 2005?” One can listen to the album and be reminded during a vocal melody here, or a guitar passage there, of some of the best moments from Into Eternity, Pyramaze, or Communic. In the face of how prominent sterile-sounding prog is becoming on today’s palette, this throwback factor and understated rawness is an amazing breath of fresh air.

Keeping in mind a spirit of what truly makes an artist progressive, but holding a uniquely broad appeal, Gods of Eden tear down a lot of genre barriers, here. You’ll get your fair share of djenty romps (fire up the title track), spacy atmospheric instrumentation and keyboards (ala “Lost In Fables”), soaring melodic vocals (“Shiva’s Dream”), insane lead guitartillery, and yet plenty of passages that will please fans of more traditional melodic metal. Gods of Eden truly showcase a bag of tricks that rolls quite deep.


It’s just not that often that I can say about a release… “Oh man, you really dig Spiral Architect, Born of Osiris, and Killswitch Engage? You’ll love this.”

An absolute delight to the ears, From The End of Heaven has cemented Gods of Eden into the metal lexicon in my book. It is an outstandingly bold and truly impressive celebration of metal’s most truly romantic flavors, and progressive music’s ever constant pursuit of outstanding musical ability.

And it’s their first album.

From The End of Heaven is the shit. And it’s with no shame that I can rate it and recommend it so highly.

Score: 9/10

For fans of: Manticora, Into Eternity, The HAARP Machine 

Standouts: “Gods of Eden”, “The Overseer”, “Beyond the Persian Veil”

Gods of Eden is:

Ian Dixon – Vocals

Danni Perez- Guitars

Sean Thomson – Guitars

Mike Barillaro – Bass/Backing Vocals

Robin Stone – Drums

Gods of Eden on:

Their Website



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1 Comment

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