REVIEW: Kauan – “Sorni Nai”

Russia is a very huge country, that has also some very huge bands. But besides better known bands, there are also some bands that could have way more attention. Kauan is one of these bands. They are from Chelyabinsk, close to the border to Kazakhstan (for Russian ratios) and released their new album Sorni Nai on the 20th October via Blood Music.

Speaking of their music, Kauan plays a very experimental one, which can´t be described as one defined genre. It consists a lot of Post-Rock elements, same as classical and Ambient influences. The only word to describe the music of this band, is maybe “huge.” The singing is sometimes clean, sometimes harsh and in Russian, which gives this music a very special, mysterious vibe. Also the Russian language sounds very smooth and fits perfect into the music, without taking the focus off too much. “Akva” starts with beautiful harmonic and melodic work. The ambiance created in this song is simply overwhelming and directly catched me as a listener. It feels like you just have to listen to more of their music, while pictures flow through your mind that are affected by this, almost program music. Songs like “Kit” also feature some guttural vocals that sound very dark and Black Metal-esque.

At some times the songs get more rocky with some distorted guitar riffs, that are most time very slow-paced and remind one of classical Doom with some Metal elements. Some samples and guitar-playing are completing this special mood of Sorni Nai.

If we take a look on the cover, while listening to this album, you will understand why they have chosen it. The music feels like a wandering through the dark and cold winter Russia and gives us an impression of how it would feel. All in all I have to say, that the mood on Sorni Nai is very special. The ambiance is creating something that rises up in yourself. Epic parts like in “At” with powerful drums, are rising the inner tension of the recipient, before they are leading into a perfectly fitting conclusion. Also clean guitars like you can hear them in “Khot,” combined with piano are to be found on this album. This song, especially reminds one a lot of Ihsahn´s latest record Das Seelenbrechen, with its gloomy mood and progressive elements.


Whether beautiful spherical harmonies, or groovy section that invite to bounce your head. Sorni Nai is giving us a lot and with this amount of diversity they will have the potential to be one of this years most interesting records. I highly recommend you to listen to this masterpiece. Relaxing music, that will give you a relaxing mood and time to forget all your worries, while enjoying the beauty of Kauan´s music. Make sure to get this record now, it is up for “name your price” on Bandcamp!

Score: 9/10

Notable Tracks: “Akva” ,“Kit” , ”At” , “Khot”

FFO: Ihsahn , Solstafir , Sigur Ros

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  1. kukkakaali66

    28 October, 2015 at 5:08 pm

    They actually sing in Finnish…

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