REVIEW: Lume – “Wrung Out”

Intimacy is a complicated thing. People tend to perceive different things as intimate, but I think most can agree that music can be very intimate and most have songs or bands they think of when the word gets thrown around. These usually are quiet, thoughtful, and maybe a little ambient with strong emotions. But what about an outgoing album that’s very gloomy and swerves over into space rock at times? Well, Lume has made such an album, and I would myself attest to it being very intimate and thoughtful.

Wrung Out is an alternative rock album at its core that draws from space rock and doom to create lush and extroverted atmospheres, without ever letting the emotional weight drop. It’s an emotionally impactful album that doesn’t feel casual despite its cool riffs and solid catchiness.

“Gaze” is the first song I want to talk about. When I first heard the track I was surprised by the very gritty intro that, up to this point, was quite unusual for the album. The grittiness stays, though added rhythm of guitar and drums help the song ease up a little bit. The vocals seem to be on a different plain of existence, drifting through melancholic dimensions. The voice almost embraces and caresses the listener; it is one of sympathy and care. When the first lead melody kicks in the album gains a lot of atmosphere, and its signature catchiness that the listener will be quite familiar with after the first listen comes to the fore. At this point it reminded me very firmly of Deftones. And quickly after starting the track it ends again. Where has the time gone? While a lot of the songs are short and seem to fly by, they’re still very memorable for their short and intense, almost burning melancholy and intimacy.

“Unglued” on the other hand tells a different story. The track starts with a drum fill and goes right into lush spacy atmospheres. It feels almost psychedelic or transcending, but the feeling of intimacy never vanishes. The universe is in yourself and you can explore it all by yourself at will. After a short period of time the big soaring fuzziness kicks in and through slides and an octaver the guitar feels greater than the big bang itself. It’s astounding how much the band can make out of so little. This is pragmatism over flashiness incarnated. It’s a rare occasion to cover this kind of music, which is much more than what you hear.

Wrung Out has really done what the title suggests and wrung me out completely. The sheer amount of emotion that went into such a simplistic approach to music is awe-inspiring. Lume has crafted one of my favorite alternative rock records of the year, and one that will be with me for more than only the current one. People often say that only because somethings simple it doesn’t mean it’s bad, and I like to think of this record whenever someone tells me that. This is eating your mother’s food, playing with your childhood pet, or the first time you fell in love. The most wholesome record I have ever reviewed.


Score: 9/10

Notable Tracks: “Unglued”. “Loss Leader”, “Gaze”

FFO: Deftones, Nothing

You can follow Lume on Facebook and you can pre-order Wrung Out here via Equal Vision Records

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