REVIEW: Methiums – “Between Moments”

Between Moments is the first full-length album by the one-man progressive metal band Methiums. Arya Akbara (Headcrusher, Athenian) is the mastermind behind the Indonesian act. Between Moments clocks in at just over 30 minutes in length, with the longest song falling just short of the five-minute mark. However, that is to its benefit. It gets in, gets out, and still leaves you wanting more.

The first track that jumped out during my listens was “Spectran”. This is a pretty fast and thrashy track and the second longest on the album. The guitar work on this song, as with a majority of the album, is spot on. This track, along with many others on Between Moments have a certain vibe that makes me think of Protest the Hero. Rody Walker’s vocals would fit right in on many tracks on this album. That’s not to say that the songs don’t stand on their own, because they absolutely do. The layered guitars add depth that feels necessary, but they are subtle enough to not crowd the mix. Another theme that stands out is that Akbara isn’t relying on soloing to carry the album. When there is a solo, it’s short, sweet, and adds to the song just what it needs. That is a challenge, especially when you are the sole songwriter for a project.

Towards the middle of the album sits the two-part “Noire”. It is a bit of a confusing part because a) it didn’t feel like it needed to be separated and b) “Noire I” is a better song overall. In the first part, the riffing is tasty and intricate. Akbara’s chord voicings make the song sound very open. It’s easy to groove along to. The solo, once again, is a standout and he makes sure to play to the song’s needs. He rarely shows off on this album and makes sure to keep his solos concise to the point. On the other hand, there’s “Noire II”. First off, the transition between the two tracks doesn’t work very well. This is the one solo on the album that feels out of place and somewhat unnecessary. He does change it up a bit towards the end and finishes the song with a clean solo, which was very short, but tasty.

My personal favorite song on this album is “Bouncy Buoyant”. And guess what the opening riff makes you want to do? That’s right! You want to bounce. If Methiums ever wants to go on tour, this would be the perfect song to get the crowd going and off their feet. There are more very intricate lead lines on this song that have similar atonal qualities to those of Periphery, especially on their first two albums. The only thing that I feel this song was missing is a guitar solo, as that would have really driven it home. This is probably the heaviest song on Between Moments, and it does everything exceptionally well.

This album is quick. If you blink, you might miss it. Nothing on Between Moments feels like it overstays its welcome. Each part to each song has a purpose and does its job very effectively. As a first full-length album, Methiums put together a record that will do well in the easily distracted world in which we live.


Score: 8.5/10

Notable Tracks: “Spectran”; “Noire I”; “Bouncy Buoyant”

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