REVIEW: The Night Flight Orchestra – “Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough”

If you aren’t familiar with their previous records, The Night Flight Orchestra are like a time capsule buried in the mid 1970’s, only to be unearthed some 40 years later. Imagine yourself dusting it off, opening the box and peering inside. You find a record called Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough that’s never been heard before. You then delicately take it out of the sleeve, pop it on the turntable and crank the volume. What emanates from the speakers is like REO Speedwagon, Supertramp and Foreigner, all shaken together in a potent, day-glo cocktail. It’s like Yacht Rock on steroids.

Enough of my babbling, let’s put that record on and go back in time to imagine what it sounded like as the soundtrack to your life, the first time around…


You open your eyes. With the sun setting on the horizon, you take off your mirrored shades and drape them over your top shirt button. A gentle breeze ruffles your backcombed hair, the highlights in it glinting like snowflakes in the night. Looking at the orange sky over Miami brings back so many memories. So many parties, so much fun.

The wind picks up and you hear the dull thud of bass carried on the breeze from far away. Your foot starts moving, the sockless slip-on shoes tapping in time with the music. ‘I know where I belong‘ you think to yourself. Maybe there’s still time for one last party. “This Time” it will be fine in the end. You slowly put the shades back on, take a final glance at the beautiful skyline your going to conquer and jump into your red Corvette.

Turning the key in the ignition brings the V8 to life with a roar that is so satisfying, it’s almost as good as a cold piña colada on a hot day. The car stereo kicks in and “Turn to Miami” blasts from the speakers. The night is young and your heart is full of fire. Is this fate? Could this moment get any more perfect? It doesn’t matter, it’s time to party! Flooring the accelerator, the interstate feels the burn of your rubber.

You can’t drive 55, so you pop up your headlights and race your “Speedwagon” through the empty night, marveling at the city lights strobing over the polished, chromium hood. Your mind drifts as you remember that night at the disco in California, back in ’82. Jennie in your arms, dancing all night long to her song, the neon lights reflected in her turquoise eyes. Your love for her made you “Paralyzed”. Where did it all go wrong? Just another casualty of love.


Sleeves rolled up on your tan jacket, your arm hairs tingle as you get closer to the party. You can feel it. You live your life through music. Like an album, moving from song to song, always searching for the next hit. You can’t stop yourself, you’re “Living for the Nighttime“. Passing under the neon lights you hit “West Ruth Ave” and see “Owaranai Palisades”up ahead. The club looks like some “Winged and Serpentine” beast rising high into the night, strange and brooding.

Hit the brakes. Screech up to the sidewalk. You check your fake tan in the rear-view mirror and jump out. Smoothing back your hair, the music washes over you from the club entrance. You walk inside. It’s dark as a black diamond. Keeping your shades on you head downstairs to the basement, catching glimpses of bodies swirling in the dry ice. Ordering a Blue Curacao from the bar, you drink with a stranger until something catches your eye. A flash of neon blue hair in the mirror, you spin around. It can’t be! You recognise those dance moves. It’s “Jospehine”. The last time you heard, she was getting lost in the Tokyo night. Yet another casualty of love.

She makes eye contact and walks up to you, a “Pretty Thing Closing In” with a funky strut. You couldn’t let her go before, maybe this is your second chance. Maybe it will be different this time around? Taking her hand in yours, you lead her from the dancefloor, heading up to the roof terrace. With your heart aching and your hands shaking, you both dance like never before. It starts to rain, making you oblivious to the pain. This time you won’t give up or give in, ‘cos tomorrow never knows. You feel like “The Last of the Independent Romantics” as the rest of the night goes by in a blur, soft focus included.

It’s morning. Waking up to the sunset on the beach, you know these are your “Moments of Thunder”, the times of your life. No worries, no regrets, savour every moment. That’s when it hits you.

“Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough”, but it’s all we have.


What I love about The Night Flight Orchestra is that you get members of Soilwork, Arch Enemy and Spiritual Beggars together, stick ’em in a studio, record ’em, release it on Nuclear Blast records and get this! Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough delivers great melodies combined with awesome musicianship and fantastic studio production. It’s fun, funky, joyful and awesome. Even the filler tracks have hooks that other bands would kill for. No irony, these guys are just that good at what they do. You’ll either get it or you won’t.

REVIEW: The Night Flight Orchestra - "Sometimes the World Ain't Enough"


Score: 8.5/10

Notable Tracks: “This Time”; “Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough”; “Moments of Thunder”; “Paralyzed”; “Barcelona”; “Lovers in the Rain”

FFO: Supertramp, Ghost, Foreigner, Journey, yacht rock, synthwave, melodic rock

Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough is released on the 29th of June 2018. If you want the authentic retro experience, pre-order it on vinyl from Nuclear Blast. Follow The Night Flight Orchestra on Facebook here.

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