REVIEW: Sectioned – “Annihilated”

I’m pretty sure you guys all know about a band called Frontierer. The project around Pedram Valiani gathered high reputation after their debut record Orange Mathematics. But besides Frontierer there is Sectioned, Valiani’s earlier band. Haven’t heard of them, but are a fan of Frontierer? Great! These tunes will blast off your ears!

Sectioned might clean your ears

This is heavy-hitting mathcore at its best. Squeaking guitars, noise, chaos, and a wall of aggression: all this comes together straight away in the very first song that literally is “Annihilated“. It might sound distracting, at least for unfamiliar ears, but the chaotic side of Sectioned is what makes them super heavy. Halfway through the song things speed up, which comes off  as a little unprepared and unnecessarily exaggerated. But to be honest, the whole music of Frontierer is an exaggeration in its meta function.

Besides the chaotic mathcore sections, there is a slight touch of hardcore coming to mind in several songs as well. This creates a little more diversity to the heavy-hitting chords that are mostly underlined by heavily hit cymbals. Those patterns don’t appear as breakdowns, but more as groovy sections in a very similar manner to Ion Dissonance, for example. Sometimes it seems like they try to widen out the aggression to the maximum within the song structures; this gets one of the more repetitive kinds of play over the whole record.

“Starved Lines“ is one of the most hardcore songs on Annihilated. Speaking of hardcore, it’s definitely more in a Birds In Row direction than Terror, if you know what I mean. The washy vocals lay over the dissonant and simply constructed riffage, and there’s also a little The Dillinger Escape Plan vibe, mixed with some Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, going on. All this works in a very pushy way due to the upbeat drumming, changing meters into an almost nasty beatdown section of the song. The very ending of the song even integrates retro sounding techno synths.

Make sure to listen to “Eigengrau”, where once again a good portion of grind- and hardcore is added to the mathy background. The very beginning might even give you an Emmure-esque feeling straight before it transforms in a very downtempo tune in line with the heaviness of Humanity’s Last Breath. Annihilated delivers, in many ways. Heavy, fast-paced songs of chaos and slow, face-melting tunes with slapping grooves, all bound into a very dynamic and organic sound that just screams to be heard live.

Another song I want to speak about is “Portrait”. It starts out very chaotic and Dillinger-esque, which is a very good thing in this case. It tends to be a bit too much noise in parts, mostly in the ending section that consists of many layers. Said layers are made up of noises, screams, and a drum’n’bass-emulating drum machine playing mathy grooves. This lasts for more than two minutes and even reminds me a bit of KoRn‘s early craziness. An almost mesmerizing feel might appeal you, as this chaos seems a little bit distracting and indeed hard to listen to. In my opinion, the record could’ve stopped here, but there’s two more songs left.

After another shredfest of blast beats, chaos, and pure guitar madness, the record ends surprisingly…different. “Through The Trees” also drowns in noise, but features a piano outro, which truly stands out against all of the aforementioned music. A fresh breeze of air wafts through the speakers, and a feeling of coming home rouses my oversaturated self.


Do you remember Seeker, the band that released a record called Unloved via Rise Records in 2013? If you do, and thus know what their music was about: Sectioned do pretty much the same, with the slight difference that their songs do have a more diverse feel and vibe to them. Whilst Seeker were only smashing on their instruments and drowning in a black hole of negativity, Sectioned are able to break out of their cage of heavy guitar riffing, as I pointed out several times before.

One might recognize how many comparisons there are in this review. That is because the music of Sectioned isn’t something new, but rather a mixture of several bands that have already done a good job in the past. Sectioned manage to mash up their influences (whether they are named in this review or not) and create their very own version of heaviness. At times, this record is so ridiculously heavy and f*cked up, it’s like a schizophrenic person on drugs trying to kill their personas while the most aggressive, disturbed and unpredictable persona remains in control of said person. And honestly, I like it!

Score: 7/10

Notable Tracks:
“Annihilated”; “Starved Lines”; “Eigengrau”

FFO: Ion Dissonance, Frontierer, Seeker, The Dillinger Escape Plan

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