REVIEW: Slow Talk – “New Vernacular”

Slow Talk is an alternative rock duo from Melbourne, Australia that has been together since 2014, but is only just about to release their debut EP, New Vernacular. Comprised of vocalist James Butler and guitarist Ash Fuller, Slow Talk have created five songs that give the listener a good idea of where they have taken inspiration from and how they plan on putting their own spin to make it sound as original as possible.

The lead single off of New Vernacular is “Golden” which does a nice job of setting the tone and scene for what the EP has to offer. Throughout listening to the EP, I couldn’t help but think that this sounds like metal drums, over alt-rock guitars and vocals, which works oddly well. There’s plenty of double bass drum fills and patterns, but it’s not overplaying the song. There is a buildup right before the last chorus that feels perfectly placed to end the song on a high note, but the band adds in a little groovy, Latin-esque interlude before the track cuts out. This song sounds like something off of Good Tiger’s most recent release. This may have something to do with Butler sounding extremely similar to Elliot Coleman.

The third track on the EP is “For What it’s Worth” and through most of the song, it sounds very much like a 90s radio rock track. The first thing that popped into my mind was “Shimmer” by Fuel. This is not a bad thing, however. The lead guitar line that sits just below the vocals sounds excellent and adds a lot of depth to the song that wouldn’t be there if it were just chords. The song finally opens up as we get towards the end. The vocal melodies soar high and are extremely catchy. The instrumental backing is perfect for what this band is doing and everything melds effortlessly.

To round out this 5-song affair, the band hits us with the longest song on the EP, “Late Bloomer”, which clocks in at six-and-a-half minutes. The intro to this song reminds me of Strawberry Girls with the guitar noise that they open the track with. This song is easily the most progressive on the EP, as each section takes its time and builds up to the next part. It never feels rushed, but natural and organic. The end of the song is where things start to get interesting. The guitars get distorted and even begin to feel a little heavy. The vocals from Butler become a bit snarly at times. It is an interesting way to close the listening experience.

With their debut EP, Slow Talk have put together a piece of music that is extremely easy to listen to and will appeal to a wide range of audiences. Any one of these tracks could appear on the radio and have people calling in over and over again requesting it. The instrumental performance is perfect for the style that the band is aiming for and the vocals are phenomenal. This EP should make anybody excited to see what Slow Talk have up their sleeve for their debut full-length.


Score: 9/10

Notable Tracks: “Golden”; “For What It’s Worth”; “Late Bloomer”

FFO: Good TigerStrawberry GirlsIntervals

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