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REVIEW + FULL ALBUM STREAM: Taste Of Greed – “Irreversible”

Irreversible consists of nine pumping metal tracks from Hamburg-based metal purists Taste of Greed. This debut album is a pivotal marker for the band and a potentially massive propeller for their career. Fortunately, we get an extremely solid payoff as Taste of Greed‘s music is well glossed, precision engineered, and hard as nails. You may remember the recent It Djents exclusive video premiere for album’s title track “Irreversible”. Well now It Djents is proud to unveil an exclusive full album stream. So here for your listening pleasure is Irreversible in it’s entirety:

Play the record for the first ten seconds and you’ll get the gist, and if it hooks you at that point, then you will be as equally hooked by the end. But for me the highlights emerge when they deviate mildly from the standard formula. For example, I love that anthemic chorus of “gNOsis”, and the steady opening and closing riffs to “Green Hills”. Likewise, the opening and chorus to title track “Irreversible” states that this band have a real talent for groove which for me at least has a little more clarity than the fast parts. Much of the lead melodic work, in particular over these heavier parts of the album, is also gloriously effective.

And there is more bone-crunching riffage in songs like “Treasures in Humanity” and final track “Astray”. Present, too, is a detectable In Flames vibe at “Too Little Words”. And not to be confused with the Lamb of God song of the same name, “Pathetic” displays some real flare and in-depth knowledge of what it means to be heavy. It’s almost the like entire ethos of the album crammed into one track. We also get a nugget of Gojira-esque intensity at “Deep Sea”.

Taste of Greed are the real deal. Of that there is no doubt. Besides all of the band comparisons I’ve just made, they also cite Lamb of God, Machine Head, Pantera, etc. as their biggest influences, and they would serve as a worthy opener for any one of these big names. The tones and stamina of LoG in particular can be heard in great abundance across Irreversible, and boy is it done to the letter!

Mesmerizing groove and powerful are some of the descriptive terms I’ve used for this band in past instances and I stick by that. The only risk I find in a band making music this acute, is that it may then struggle to stand too far above the crowd. This is an extremely objective point I’m making here: There are a lot of other bands creating metal like this. And what I hear in speckles across Irreversible is something that the pretentious prog in me feels could be made in greater abundance in later releases. Perhaps then, the band can truly come into their own and emerge as titans in their own right.

So is there a problem with Irreversible, besides personal tastes? No problem. It’s a great record. Modern heavy metal is the name of the game and these guys nail it on the head. If you want to fire some energy into your bones, then this is the right tool for the job. Here’s hoping that Taste of Greed find a way to raise the bar further next time around because clearly, they have both the knowledge and the fortitude.


Score: 7.5/10

Notable tracks: “gNOsis”; “Green Hills”; “Irreversible”

FFO: Lamb of God, Machine Head, Testament

Irreversible is released 4th May. You can check out the album on Taste of Greed‘s Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For merch, news and everything else visit their official website and official Facebook page.


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