REVIEW: Voivod–“Post Society”

The oldies can, indeed, exist in the modern-era without the second-hand embarrassment that usually accompanies watching your parents jam out in the car. The Canadian metal band Voivod has brought forth Post Society from their efforts in the studio and although the album is on the shorter side, featuring just five songs all together, Post Society packs quite the nostalgic punch.

Voivod (Source: Voivod's Official FB Page)

Voivod (Source: Voivod’s Official FB Page)

From the opening seconds of the album’s first track, listeners are transported to 1980, when Motörhead came out with “Ace of Spades.” Voivod’s opening song has a very similar arrangement; not enough for it to sound like a carbon-copy, but enough that you know Voivod has chosen to emulate a great metal influence. The band also includes a great change of pace halfway through the song, which really emphasizes how Voivod stands out as its own entity.

Motörhead isn’t the only band that Voivod pays tribute to. The last song on the album is a cover of Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine” from 1972. Again, listeners are given a futuristic take on the classics. Both “Post Society” and the cover of “Silver Machine” give a sound that feels like it belongs to what was popular in the rock n’ roll scene of the late 1980’s, early 1990’s, but in a way that doesn’t make it seem as cheesy; Voivod’s release would have brought new life to the genre then, just as it does now.

Voivod (Source: Voivod's Official FB Page)

Voivod (Source: Voivod’s Official FB Page)

The band calls itself an experimental metal band, and Post Society proves that Voivod is definitely a band to check-out within the genre. They utilize sounds in both their vocals and instrumentals that give the album a space-esque quality that is very appealing. It’s not going to give you a headache, it isn’t a gimmick to cover up anything lacking; Voivod’s use of experimentation in their musical compositions are audio hypotheses that are executed to obtain successful results. The band’s sense of groove is also hard to deny. Voivod truly knows their stuff. Post Society may have a little number of tracks, but with the average song length on the album being five minutes and thirty seconds, Voivod gives you your money’s worth without question.

RATING: 8/10

FFO: Motörhead, Coroner

NOTABLE TRACKS: “Post Society”, “Fall”

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