REVIEW: Zeit – “The World Is Nothing”

We should be very happy to have Earth, this wonderful little plant that we call home, which is probably the biggest gift that humanity has ever received. Although, according to Zeit, a mathcore group from Venice, Italy, The World is Nothing. Well, perhaps not, but this is the title of the band’s newest record. Like most, this mathcore record comes with ten songs, but only reaches a playtime of about 23 minutes. To be honest, this album’s length is pretty long, compared to other mathcore records, but also not worth to be called a long-player. The record does, however, flow smoothly from song to song, and it almost feels like they wouldn’t hesitate to go faster until this short-time record ends.

“The Walls Of The World” reminds me a lot of USA-based band Seeker with its hectic and chaotic structure and multitude of blast-beats. The drummer of Zeit has to be in good condition, slaying a full set of this kind of music. This song again shows that the band is able to write heavy, slightly complex music, that non-mathcore fans still might find appealing.

If you were only hoping for dissonant, chaotic mathcore, you might be a little bit distracted, due to the fact that Zeit doesn’t only work with dissonances. Their songs consist of a lot of interesting chord work, which ends up in tension-rising harmonic that adds a lot of diversity to these songs. A good example of this is the opening track “World And Distances,” which brings a Behemoth-like death metal vibe with its dark harmony. A lot of mathcore bands tend to work with chaos and 15/16 (or different odd time signatures), in order to be ‘as crazy as possible.’ Zeit are also crazy, but in a contemporary way, so that songs like “Distance And Difference” are even a little bit catchy and can attract fans of hardcore as well. It reminds me of a ‘math-ier’ version of Oathbreaker at some times. But keep in mind, that the different musical elements that sticks to your mind on this record are far away from the kind that stuffs a typical catchy pop songs you listen to on the radio.

Overall, it is worth mentioning that it is quite hard to differentiate songs from each other and to find the lines between these songs. If this record was a full time record with almost one hour of playing time, it would have been pretty hard to cope with it, but with its short and crisp playtime, it’ll definitely make you want to press the ‘repeat’ button at least one more time. Fans of doomy hardcore and dark mathcore will love this piece of music. Buona lavora ragazzi!

Score: 7/10.
Notable Tracks: “Distance And Difference,” “The Walls Of The World.”
FFO: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Seeker, The Rodeo Idiot Engine.

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