REVIEW: Zoology – “Bloom”

Sometimes when you listen to a band, you immediately know that you’ve discovered something special.  The Canadian duo Zoology are one of those examples.  Zoology is made up of Beau Diakowicz on guitar and production and Emily Krueger providing hauntingly beautiful vocals and also guitar.  Bloom is their very first EP, made of up six soothing soundscapes.  It is hard to lump Zoology into just one genre because they mix dream pop, R&B, indie, glitch hop and electronic so wonderfully together.  If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.  Press play and vibe.

The EP sprouts with “Maroon”.  At once it reminds me of a lost Eternity Forever song.  The guitar work in the beginning moments (and throughout the entire EP) is clean and spacey while immensely intricate.  Emily Krueger’s vocals give me a Dutch vibe, who are similar to Zoology as a trip hop duo.  “Maroon” is a sweet song about trying to forget about a lover with a clever chorus featuring these lyrics: ‘And even if I tried to forget you, you’ll always be my permanent picture.’

“Unravel” germinates into the smooth and atmospheric sound that Zoology has perfected.  There is a breakdown in the middle of the song that makes the listener think that the song has expired and another has started.  The breakdown of “Unravel” consists of a driving synth bass line and a guitar riff in the style of Minus The Bear.  Then the EP grows into “Portland”.  With light finger picked chords and a smooth R&B beat, “Portland” sounds like it could fit on Chon’s Homey album.  “100°” is a straight up glitch hop song in 6/8 that ends with an ethereal guitar solo.

Bloom unfurls into “Waterfalls”, their single.  This song also has a strong Eternity Forever feel to it.  I believe it is the best song on the project.  The bass line for the chorus is especially dope.  The song builds up to the final bridge with a particularly tasty guitar riff that is so fresh that the other instruments drop out and let the riff close the song.  The EP plants the seeds of repeat listens with the final number “Sakura”.  Beginning with a harp-like guitar riff, “Sakura” is the most alluring and celestial song on the EP.  Slowly building to a four on the floor dance groove with Emily Krueger repeating ‘We’re running out of time’ as Bloom does just that.

The worst part of the EP is that it ends.  The guitar work mostly reminds me of Yvette Young from Covet.  The tone of the guitar is so gentle and soothing.  Emily Krueger’s voice matches the smooth sounds of the guitar perfectly throughout the EP.  I’ve never before compared a pop project to Covet, Eternity Forever and Chon, so this shows how special Zoology is.  If you bump Bloom along with Fantasy by Eternity Forever, you’ll realize that even though they were created separately, they are meant to be together, just like Jäger and Red Bull.

Sometimes when you hear a project in the beginning of the year, you say to yourself, ‘This will still be on my AOTY list as December rolls around.’  You know it’s special right away.  Zoology has such a blissful sound that I can picture the archangels Gabriel and Michael listening to their album up in heaven.  No matter what season it is, Zoology is always in Bloom.


Score: 8.5/10

Notable Tracks: “Maroon”; “Portland”; “Waterfalls”

FFO: Eternity Forever, Chon, Covet, Dutch

You can follow Zoology on Facebook and stream them on Spotify and Soundcloud.  Bloom can be purchased on their Bandcamp

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