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Discover: “Abstract Ritual” – Omega Diatribe

a1241562204_2Are you in the mood for some grooves? Because Hungary’s Omega Diatribe is here to bring them to you whether you like it or not. As a self-proclaimed “extreme groove band”, Omega Diatribe does just this in producing a groovy, chunky, heavy sound with their new EP “Abstract Ritual”.

The idea of an extreme groove band is especially interesting in Omega Diatribe’s case, because I believe it is a term they take quite literally. Taking cues from both the modern djent and the 90’s groove movement, Omega Diatribe creates a sound that capitalizes on the thickness of notes, rather than the heaviness of them, molding a scene that is not as much about head banging yet, more than bobbing along. What I find curious about their genre choice is how literally it reflects their sound. While most people think of groove metal as something more straightforward, along of lines of Pantera, Omega Diatribe thinks of groove metal as just something that grooves super fucking hard. “But Dillon, isn’t that what groove metal is already?” Yes, it is, but not always to this extent. 

It could be very easy to classify Omega Diatribe as djent based on the tone and execution of their guitars, but I believe they are too disinterested in exclusively open notes to be such. Avoiding the basic djun-dju-djun-djun repetition of their notes for most of the EP is just as beneficial to them as the moments where they choose to dig deep into these djentier sides, such as in the title track ‘Abstract Ritual’. The important part is that Omega Diatribe continues to execute the core concept of groovier-is-better. 

A specific track that sticks out to me is track three, ‘Hydrozoan Periods’, a thick slab of a track that, although not deviating from the main concept of all the tracks, does a good job of standing alone on the album. From it’s quick introductory riffs, to its middle funky, bass-laden bridge section, to its all around consistent chunky and groovy aura, the track is one I enjoy the most. 

As I said before, extreme groove metal is here, and in the case of Omega Diatribe, it is something to be taken quite literally.

Score: 8/10

FFO: Sepultura, Uneven Structure

Notable Tracks: Abstract Ritual, Hydrozoan Periods

You can stream Abstract Ritual above or purchase on bandcamp here

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1 Comment

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