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REVIEW: Twisted Reality – Until The Uprising

Twisted Reality

Twisted Reality

Until the Uprising is a 3-piece band from Nice, France, and unlike their hometown, they’re anything but NICE (In a badass way I mean). Formed in ’05, they have since released an EP and now their full length debut Twisted Reality. The album cover has a very futuristic and space vibe unlike their EP which was like a horror movie poster. Although not signed to a label, the band just completed their European tour a week ago and is ‘rising’ as fast as ever! Well let’s see why the word on the street is so good about them.

The album starts with the sound of computers doing future supercomputer stuff in the back, with news bulletins about some oil spills/chemical warfare and mainly how we humans are destroying this earth and what a jackass race we are to exist. Introspection ACTUALLY makes you wonder how probable it is human race will be the reason that human race ceases to exist. Makes sense to me. UTU clearly do Djent but do not disappoint. First track is cliche ‘modern’ metal but you tend to enjoy it because it grows on you. The clean vocals seem a little out of place in Black Hole. Besides that, the ‘dark’ Meshuggah sound is present there for a while, which is a good thing. They employ a lot of sweep picking and all those heavy technical stuff that makes the songs sound: complete. And the breakdowns, Oh the breakdowns – pure ecstasy. If you’re not headbanging to this, there’s probably some extra terrestrial elitist worm up your spine. The best thing I like about Twisted Reality is that it clocks at less than 40 minutes with a four minute track on average which keeps you interested for ALL of those 40 minutes. Every song has an instantly memorable intro riff with drums that are not basic. What captures my attention is the dynamism and off beat structures that UTU employ, hence keeping away monotony. Guitar solos are top notch and these boys know their technical prowess especially in Searching, All is One and the title track Until the Uprising.

UTU are anything but run of the mill because they incorporate everything that’s great with metal; Thrash metal explosion in Until the Uprising, melodic death metal influences in Claustrophobia and extreme metal drumming scattered everywhere. UTU are purely unpredictable and interesting with percussion and ambient patterns that surprise (Eternal Journey, Until the uprising). UTU’s use of electronic production is appreciable but it’s not ambitious as it should be, I demand more of it. The clean vocals improve a lot in Alien which has a sci-fi music video with the band traveling through the space in a concert spaceship. (But sound doesn’t travel in space…) The growls are heavy as compared to similar artists in the genre and that makes me VERY happy. Both clean and heavy vocals are done by Michel, which is applaudable.

The vocals essentially have no flaw in them but aren’t very memorable as well. The only ‘con’ in the album is that it’s not ‘revolutionary’ and I guess it’s something I can neglect. Having said that, this album is a perfect concoction of dynamic structures, neck-breaking breakdowns, fierce passages, and some proggy parts that will make you go ‘Hmm’ in a very sophisticated prog nerd way. But it essentially is an amusement park with many different short rides that give you more adrenaline than you could wish for. Keep this one for your ‘in case of emergency: headbang’ situations; break open glass.

Until the Uprising is:
Michel Beneventi – Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Anthony Cresp – Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Philip Sleiman – Drums and Percussions


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