ROUNDTABLE REVIEW: Mastodon – “Emperor of Sand”

There are some bands that have made an impression on so many It Djents staff that, when a new album comes, it’s hard to discern who should review the record. Such was the case for Mastodon and their new record, Emperor of Sand. The new album, available March 31, is the progressive/sludge metal juggernaut’s seventh full-length record, and we decided to create a special roundtable review vlog to discuss it. Below, you can watch our PR manager Inter, our Editor,Dominik, and our writer/social media assistant Rodney sit down with me to discuss the new album in detail:

As you can tell, for both long-time fans and new listeners, Emperor of Sand has a great deal to offer. Here, we can hear how the more accessible songwriting of the group’s previous two records has matured and refined the  progressive approach established on Crack The Skye. For some of us, Emperor of Sand is our favorite Mastodon record, but we all agreed that this is a phenomenal album that should definitely be checked out by any fans of the band or progressive metal. Despite some minor complaints about pacing, volume dips and tambourines, and the fact that it’s only March, I would not be surprised to see Emperor of Sand on our AOTY list come December.



Score: 9.5/10

Notable Tracks: “Steambreather”; “Ancient Kingdom”; “Jaguar God”; “Andromeda”

FFO: Neurosis, Baroness, Pink Floyd, King Crimson

You can check out Mastodon on Facebook, follow them on YouTube, and pre-order Emperor of Sand here.


Also, we would really appreciate your thoughts on the vlog format. Should we do it again? Should we do it differently? Let us know in the comments.

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