Want to be a featured artist, have your album reviewed or do you have any other business/press related questions? Do you want to write for It Djents?


Please notice:
To get considered for a review, please send your album/EP via a filehoster/cloud link as 320kbit/s MP3, properly tagged. We don’t work with streams. Also, based on the amount of requests and submissions, we can’t consider releases which are older than one month for a review.

Regarding Youtube Uploads:

Rules and Requirements for being featured on ItDjentsTV


  1. If you choose to premier with It Djents, your music cannot be uploaded on any other YouTube channel for three whole days. This also means that you cannot upload the submitted content on your own channel for said  3 days.
  2. If you already premiered your video on different channel than ItDjentsTV, you can’t get It Djents to premier your video as we are only doing exclusive premieres.
  3. An exclusive premiere includes an article about the premiere on our website If you choose to premier your vid with It Djents, you are required to share said premiere article and NOT only the link to the YouTube video.

(if you violate any of the rules above, the upload will either be cancelled or deleted from our YouTube channel)


  1. If you want your video to be premiered on ItDjentsTV you have to contact us with an E-Mail ( that includes:
    A) ALL relevant information about the video (information to put in the description box on YouTube) and your band (social media links, preferably in the form of an EPK).
    B) The finished song/video so we can listen to it.
    C) Your desired release date.
  2. If you want your video to be premiered on ItDjentsTV, you have to contact us at least 5 days before your desired release, so we can figure everything out. All requests that don’t follow this rule will be ignored.
  3. If you don’t have a video ready and want to use our template, you have to send over the mastered song(s) along with the high resolution artwork so we can put the video together. In this case we ask you to contact us 7 days before your desired release date.
  4. Your video must include the official It Djents Intro before the song starts. Download the Intro (MP4) right here:
  5. If you want to premiere your whole album/EP on ItDjentsTV, please send us ALL songs.
  6. We’re not accepting demos or covers on ItDjentsTV. Please don’t send us requests if your song/video is not done. We’re only judging the final product.

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